Mortgage simulators

If you are embarking on a real estate purchase project, it is essential to use home loan simulators to obtain estimates.

Before obtaining a mortgage and becoming an owner, you must carry out a real estate appraisal of your project and build a savings plan. Labougeotte provides you with a set of online mortgage simulators and calculators created to facilitate your procedures and optimize your financing capacity in order to obtain a loan offer at a more advantageous mortgage rate. You can also download an Excel amortization table or do a mortgage loan simulation .


Simulate a mortgage repurchase

renégociation de prêt immobilier

Simulate a mortgage repurchase with our calculator. You will be able to estimate the savings you could achieve.

SIMULATION Credit Redemption

Calculate the amount of your monthly payments

simulateur calcul montant mensualités

Define the monthly payment of a loan (repayment capacity) according to the amount you want to obtain for your mortgage.


Calculate your loan amount

simulateur calcul capacité emprunt

Evaluate how much you can borrow . As well as how much to borrow based on your salary.

Real estate loan amount calculation

Calculate your debt ratio

simulateur calcul taux endettement

Calculate your debt ratio based on your current income and expenses.


Calculate your notary fees

simulateur calcul frais notaire

Easily estimate, using our calculator, the amount of the notary fees that you will have to pay during your loan for new or old housing.


Zero interest loan simulation

simulateur calcul pret à taux zéro

Find out if you are eligible for the Zero Rate Loan (zero rate loan plus) as well as the monthly payments and the repayment period.


Why use a home loan simulator?

In order to prepare your real estate project in the best conditions without going to see your banker, it is essential to take stock of your situation. For this, the easiest way is to use mortgage simulators which will allow you to calculate your best interest rate on the total amount (or maximum amount) of the loan to which you will subscribe. These real estate loan simulators will allow you to have a clearer vision of your real estate project and will facilitate the exchange with your banker or your real estate broker.

These tools will also allow you to compare the results with those provided by your advisors and thus ensure that no errors have been made. This minimizes the risk of error in your file and can speed up the process because it allows you to take into account all the necessary elements for your mortgage.

These calculations are essential because a home loan is a major investment that commits you over a long period. The calculation of the monthly repayment installments is essential so as not to have unpleasant surprises. In fact, you have to know your borrowing capacity and your debt ratio so as not to find yourself in debt situations.

If you already have a mortgage, the credit redemption simulator (or credit renegotiation) will allow you to have an estimate of the amount of money you can save for the end of the repayment of your mortgage.

How to recognize a good mortgage calculator

It is important not to use the wrong home loan calculator, which will present you with wrong calculation results. Obtaining your mortgage depends on it! Here are a few things to check to make sure the loan calculator is reliable:

  • It is on the site of a reliable mortgage broker
  • The results are in agreement with the simulations that you can do on other sites
  • The purpose of the simulator is not commercial

If the site meets all of these criteria, you can consider it to be reliable. On the other hand, we recommend that you perform the calculations several times in order to ensure that you have not made a careless error. you can run multiple simulations on multiple reliable sites and compare the results to minimize the chance of errors to the maximum.

How to prepare a future acquisition with a mortgage simulator?

If you are looking for a mortgage loan simulation, you are certainly looking for real estate financing. But for that you must first of all use simulators, here is an example of use:

Mr. Patriv wishes to embark on a real estate purchase project. Above all, he wants to know the amount he will be able to borrow from banking establishments. To this end, he uses a borrowing capacity simulator, thanks to it he will be able to determine exactly the amount that the banks will be able to lend him. The result obtained during this credit simulation includes the estimated amount of notary fees and deducted from his personal contribution.

He can then decide to which bank to contract his mortgage, by presenting his financial situation.