Calculation of notary fees

We provide you with a calculator to simulate the price that the notary fees will cost you for the purchase of real estate, whether old or new or building land.

It is important to include the cost calculation of a notary in the selling price of real estate. The notary is a necessary step when acquiring real estate. The role of the notary , as a specialist in real estate sales and transactions, is very important.

The price of notaries varies according to the nature of your project, if you buy in old real estate, the prices will be higher than for new housing. The notary can also assist you with your cash payment or to finance your first real estate purchase as a first-time buyer .

Simulation of notary fees

To find out the amount that the notary fees represent, use our notary fees simulator:

Reminder: The notary fees are fully payable by the purchaser during the property sale. It is therefore important to estimate your notary fees. The seller, meanwhile, will have nothing to pay.

What is the role of a notary?

The notary is a public officer whose role is to certify to the buyers the complete obtaining of real estate in a notarial office. It establishes compliance with their commitments and / or wishes. You will sign the sales agreement with him which will therefore have the value of an authentic deed.

The notary has several hats

It ensures the veracity of the following notarial acts:

  • Certification: The documents that the notary established are certified and obtain a guarantee of security, the content and the date are then indisputable in their certification. The certification of authenticity is done on contracts, donations, regulations, acknowledgments or wills.
  • Preservation: A notary can keep confidential documents of great importance thus having a conservative role.
calculation of notary fees

What are the notary fees?

Notary fees are sums given by a client for the completion of a notarial act. They must be taken into account in the property acquisition costs when you buy a home (new or old) or for the purchase of building land.

What do notary fees include?

The calculation of the notary fees is the sum of the following notarial acts:

  • Registration fees, transfer fees and land registration tax
  • Disbursements and ancillary costs
  • The fees

How are the notary fees calculated?

The calculation of fees is proportional to the purchase price of your real estate project. It is determined according to the type of service: they are shared between those who are regulated and those who are free:

Regulated fees

For these, we speak of regulated notary fees, this type of service does not vary between the different notarial agencies.

Free fees

The remuneration of the notary with so-called "free" consultations are fixed between the notary and his client.

What is the percentage for the notary fees?

When buying your home or land, you will have to pay, on average, for the notary's fees:

  • 7% to 8% for a property in the old
  • 3% to 4% for new housing or VEFA (Sale in the Future State of Completion)

In order to obtain more advice on the amount of notary fees , the deed of sale, you can visit the website of the Chambre des notaires de France or the Chambre des notaires de Washington DC . The latter can also assist you in the context of a notarial deed of mortgage and therefore make you contract a mortgage guarantee.

How to lower the notary fees?

It is possible to obtain reduced notary fees by purchasing real estate (house or apartment) in new real estate.

If the seller is subject to VAT, can reduce them to 1% by deducting construction charges taxes paid by the buyer and taxes.

You can also call on a real estate broker who will carry out a mortgage simulation for you. He will be able to provide you with advice to reduce the calculation of notary fees and assist you during your real estate investment.

In addition, you will be able to obtain a lower credit rate and an optimized borrowing capacity at your debt ratio . For example, we recommend that you have a personal contribution that covers at least the total of these costs.

In order to give you an overall idea of ​​current real estate rates , you can simulate your credit online and free of charge:

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