Calculate the amount of monthly mortgage payments

Calculate the monthly payments of your mortgage in relation to your borrowing capacity:

Monthly payment / interest calculation

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How to calculate the monthly loan payment?

To calculate the amount of your monthly payments you need the following information on your real estate project: the amount of credit you want to obtain, the number of years over which your credit will be spread, the real estate rate (excluding mortgage loan insurance ) as well as the loan insurance rate.

You will get the amount of your monthly payments and the total cost of credit. This first information will give you an idea of ​​the monthly budget that you can allocate to your mortgage repayment.

Why perform the monthly payment calculation?

monthly mortgage loan calculation

Before embarking on your real estate loan project , it is essential not to take the plunge without having carried out preliminary studies. Among these we can mention: the estimation of the best mortgage rate, your personal contribution or calculation of notary fees as well as the calculation of the debt ratio and the amortization table . But the calculation of monthly payments thanks to the credit rate (estimated), the total cost of credit and the duration is not to be neglected, this will allow you to know your repayment capacity.

Thanks to it, you will be able to request a mortgage simulation from your bank, from a mortgage broker (or loan buyback broker )

The greater the amount of monthly payments that you will be able to bear (ie your repayment capacity), the more interesting the loan offer that we will be able to offer you (advantageous mortgage rate, total amount of credit granted ...).

Note that a home loan smoothing is a viable solution to optimize your monthly payment.

How to make your real estate purchase a reality?

Entrust your credit simulation to a real estate loan broker who will be able to put you on the table a real estate loan file at the TEG ( overall effective rate ) and insurance rate lower than your banker!

So you will be able to obtain an inventory of your financial situation and control all the ancillary costs, to become an owner at the lowest loan rate.

What monthly payment for what amount?

From a given monthly payment, determine the amount you could borrow over a specific period:

What salary for what amount of credit?

Do you already know how much you want to borrow? If you have an idea of ​​the amount of the property you want to buy, you can verify that you have the salary required to get your loan:

What loan amount for what salary?

You will find on these pages the amount that you can borrow with a given salary. Thus, you can plan for a future purchase and see how much you can invest in your real estate purchase.