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To offer you the most interesting rate according to your profile, Labougeotte surrounds itself with trusted banking partners.

Labougeotte partner banks

Labougeotte allows you to benefit from the best mortgage rate thanks to its network of partner banks. You will thus be able to compare the different interest rates in order to contract the monthly payment most suited to your profile. Specialist in mortgage loans since 1999, we assure you the best financing solution for any type of real estate project.

List of partner mortgage banks

Comparison of real estate rates

We update our real estate rates monthly. Consult the best current rates as well as previous ones via our rate barometer . These rates are based on those obtained from our banking partners; excluding insurance, they may vary depending on the regions and the borrower's income.

A type of loan suitable for a real estate purchase

We support you in the financing of several types of real estate loans:

Each loan has different criteria on the calculation of the monthly repayment and the interest rate. A loan varies according to the type of purchase, whether rental or residential, for individuals or professionals, as a first-time buyer or not.

Create a quality loan application file from a bank

It is necessary to present a quality file to the lending institutions in order to be granted its loan application.

To do this, your Labougeotte real estate loan expert will accompany you from the stage of setting up your file until the signing of your loan contract at the notary.

Thanks to our knowledge in the field acquired since 1999, we negotiate the best interest rate with our large portfolio of partner banks.

We offer you the financing solution that best suits your profile thanks to the personalized study of the financing capacity of your file.

It is possible to obtain a real estate loan according to any situation: CDD, CDI, self-employed, indefinite or precarious work situation, and that with or without personal contribution . Documents will be provided to the bank such as your bank statements and payslips.

Consider taking out compulsory borrower insurance

Subscribing to borrower insurance is compulsory. Moreover, a borrower has the right to be insured outside his lending bank, and this thanks to the Lagarde law. However, the mortgage loan insurance contract must meet the equivalent conditions of bank loan insurance.

The bank is prohibited from refusing or changing the conditions of the mortgage. Thus, a mortgage loan insurance delegation is a good way to lower the overall cost of the loan for your bank.

If after obtaining the loan you have taken out mortgage loan insurance from your lending bank, it is always possible to delegate borrower insurance depending on the date of signature of the contract:

  • If the contract was signed more than 12 months ago, mortgage loan insurance can be canceled each year from the second year, and two months before the anniversary date.
  • If the contract was signed less than 12 months ago, you can change your mortgage insurance at any time and at no cost thanks to the Hamon law.

We offer you advantageous borrower insurance thanks to the insurance delegation that we have with our subsidiary INIXIA , an expert in loan and other insurance for individuals and professionals.