Professional loans

Labougeotte supports companies such as SMEs, VSEs, business leaders, craftsmen, traders, liberal professions, self-employed, and medical professionals, etc. in their search for financing of their professional structure and in obtaining the best loan offer and the best loan rate.

We help you in your search for a mortgage thanks to the advice of our experts, knowledge of the market, the specifics of our banking partners and putting in touch with competent and dedicated people for a quick response.

professional mortgage loan pro

Scope of intervention for a professional loans

  • Real estate loans intended to finance the acquisition of any building for strictly and mainly professional or commercial use, or the performance of construction, improvement or repair work relating to any of the aforementioned buildings,
  • Professional loans intended to finance the acquisition of business assets,
  • Professional loans intended for the acquisition of equipment for professional use,
  • Professional loans intended to finance the acquisition of shares in SCP, SCM, SELARL or shares of SELAFA
  • Acquisition of SA or SAS shares, or of SARL shares, when this acquisition is necessary and directly linked to the client's professional activity
  • Mortgage loan as part of an SCI
  • Real estate loan for auto-entrepreneur

In addition, you can benefit from adapted borrower insurance that offers protection for you and your loved ones.

We therefore intervene in the search for the best financing conditions with a common objective: to contribute to the sustainability and development of your business.

Real estate loan simulation

Labougeotte supports you in finding your financing

  • Audit of your project
  • Preparation of the professional financing file
  • Presentation of your project to banks
  • Negotiation of financial conditions and obtaining the best credit rate
  • Getting in touch with the financial partners who have validated your project
  • Finding the best collateral for your mortgage loan insurance
  • Permanent monitoring of your file and information as it evolves
  • Support until the project is signed

Labougeotte's commitments

Due to our position as a mortgage broker and our relationships with banking institutions, we can meet the following commitments:

  • Outsourcing
    Entrust us with the search for your professional credit. You'll spend more time and energy starting or running your business.
  • Result
    As an expert recognized by the entire banking profession and insurers, we optimize the chances of obtaining your loan under the best financial conditions.
  • Support
    The client is supported in his procedures and negotiations until the funds are released.
  • Confidentiality
    We are bound by professional secrecy and respect the confidentiality of your project.
  • Fees
    The fees will be collected after the final obtaining of the mortgage and release of funds.