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Are you looking for a mortgage at the best rate? Get support from a real estate broker and get your financing under the best conditions.

A home loan is the project of a lifetime. Whether it is for a main residence , a second home , a rental investment , or even a loan renegotiation , we help you in your steps. As a real estate broker, we negotiate the best loan rate for you under the best conditions.

Real estate loan simulation

Your real estate project

During your search for financing, you will have to determine the type of real estate project. What type of project do you want to finance?

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a long-term financial commitment with a credit organization. It is carried out with a view to financing real estate : a main or secondary residence or even housing intended to be rented. When subscribing, you should pay particular attention to the following:

  • The mortgage rate
  • The mortgage loan insurance rate
  • The loan conditions

Indeed, you must negotiate, or have negotiated by a real estate broker , these points in order not to be harmed. Calling on a broker guarantees you time savings, but also money savings.

How does a home loan work?

The taking out of a loan is based on 3 main points:

  • The amount of your loan
  • The borrowing rate
  • Additional costs (early repayment penalties, guarantees from the banking establishment, guarantee costs, etc.)

The criteria taken into account

In order to properly prepare your mortgage simulation, you must know the following elements that will be required and analyzed:

What type of mortgage to choose?

The type of loan you will take out will depend on your needs, your project but also your borrower profile. There are therefore two main categories: bank mortgage loans and subsidized loans, which both have specific characteristics.

Bank mortgage loans

The bank loan is the most common, whether it is to buy a main residence, a second home or to make a rental investment .

Home loans

These so-called “subsidized” loans are partly financed by the State. They allow assistance in the acquisition of a good (mainly main residence) and finance it in part or in part.

  • The PAS loan / social accession loan
  • The loan agreement
  • The zero rate loan / PTZ
  • Home savings loan / PEL
  • Housing loan

Characteristics of a mortgage

The characteristics of a home loan can vary from one borrower to another. They must be defined at the start of the project.

  • The fixed rate loan
  • The adjustable rate / variable rate loan
  • The guaranteed loan
  • The smoothed or tiered loan
  • The flexible loan

How to choose your mortgage?

By choosing the right mortgage, you guarantee yourself optimized repayment conditions. We therefore advise you to:

Why compare your mortgage with Labougeotte

As a mortgage broker, Labougeotte has a powerful mortgage comparator allowing us to obtain the lowest mortgage rate for you (see our barometer of current rates ). We compete with different loan organizations and offer you the cheapest credit offer with the best repayment terms.

The goal? A journey from the credit application to obtaining the simplest possible loan offer. Whether it is to obtain or renegotiate a mortgage but also to find the best credit insurance, our experts will support you during all the steps. We offer a unique offer of administration fees of $ 850 including tax for any individual client.

Real estate loan simulation

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