Mortgage rate barometer

Find the barometer of the best real estate rates offered by Labougeotte, the best real estate loan broker with its borrowing clients.

This barometer of current real estate rates provides information on the best loan offers offered by banks. This barometer is updated every month in order to adapt the data to the reality of the market. Mortgage rates vary upwards and downwards, they fluctuate according to a multitude of facts and actors in correlation with the real estate sector.

Barometer of current real estate rates

term of the loan Best fixed rate Monthly payment (excluding insurance)
for $ 10,000 borrowed
7 years / 84 months 0.40% $ 120.74
10 years / 120 months 0.45% $ 85.24
15 years / 180 months 0.55% $ 57.89
20 years / 240 months 0.80% $ 45.10
25 years / 300 months 1.05% $ 37.91

These current real estate rates represent the best rate at which a borrower can subscribe during the month with one of Labougeotte's partner banks.

* Rate updated on 10/28/2020
Range of current real estate rates given as an indication. Non-insurance rates updated in real time (compared to those of the previous month) and may vary according to region and income.
These rates are obtained by comparing the rates of our banking partners, including: BRED, BNP, Caisse d'Epargne, Crédit Agricole, Crédit du Nord, Société Générale, etc.

Evolution of mortgage rates for 10, 15, 20 and 25 years

From previous barometers, discover the evolution of real estate rates over 10, 15, 20 and 25 years from January 2015 until today.

Thanks to our interactive graph, select the date and the duration that interests you to display the history of the best mortgage rates:

Perform a mortgage loan simulation for free using our online calculator:

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By applying for a loan online, an expert Labougeotte broker will get back to you with the best financing solution for your real estate project.

History of mortgage rates

Find the history according to the rate schedule for previous years:

What are the different types of real estate rates?

The fixed interest rate

The fixed interest rate is a mortgage rate which does not vary and which is known when obtaining the loan. The repaid monthly payments are fixed except in the event of early repayment.

The fixed rate is considered to protect against market rises. It guarantees the borrower a comfortable credit, because if the mortgage rates were to fall, the borrower could always try to renegotiate his mortgage .

The variable interest rate

The variable interest rate is a speculative mortgage rate that varies both upwards and downwards. The total cost is therefore not known in advance. This revisable rate is recalculated on each anniversary date of the loan according to the EURIBOR benchmark monetary index. This index corresponds to the price at which banks lend each other short-term money on the money market.

With a variable interest rate, the starting rate is lower than a fixed rate loan, so you can take advantage of any lower rates on your monthly payments. The variable rate can be converted into a fixed rate with equivalent guarantees in the event of a rise in market rates.

In the event of sharp increases, banks have set up other types of variable rate loans such as the capped loan.

Wear rate

The usury rate is a maximum mortgage rate that lending institutions can not exceed when setting up a mortgage. It was put in place to prevent borrowers from repaying non-excessive monthly payments.

The usury rate is the maximum APR (Global Effective Annual Rate) (formerly TEG) at which a loan can be granted. This wear rate is given by the Banque de France each quarter.

real estate rate barometer

How to get the best loan rate?

Market rates may vary depending on the profile of the borrower and the bank approached.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises and obtain the best loan conditions, we recommend that you call on a mortgage broker such as CREDIXIA.

Labougeotte is the best broker in Washington DC who offers you its expertise during all the steps to obtain your mortgage from the negotiation of your interest rate with the banks until the signature at the notary .

As a real estate broker , we carry out a personalized study of your borrowing capacity in order to find you the best mortgage rate in relation to your repayment capacities and your personal contribution .

Our broker operation is to guarantee the best loan rate for your real estate purchase. Thanks to our portfolio of partner banks , we compare real estate rates to find which bank offers the best rate .

The advantage of a broker is that he negotiates the best rate and insurance conditions with the banker. This process would be unthinkable in the event that the borrower would meet alone with a banking establishment. It is important to notify that you should not use several brokers at the same time, at the risk of distorting their approaches to their partners.

How is the mortgage rate calculated?

The mortgage rate is defined according to the borrower's profile (his income, the keeping of his bank accounts, the personal contribution, etc.) and the nature of the credit (value of the property, loan period, etc. ).

Following your loan application, the banking establishment determines your profile and the interest rate which will be its remuneration. Each maturity (often monthly) represents the interest plus the repayment of the borrowed capital.

The interest is multiplied by the outstanding capital; this explains why it is important at the beginning of the loan and that it decreases as the repayment progresses. It is necessary that the mortgage granted does not represent more than 33% of the level of the debt ratio to the borrower.

Home loan rate formula

In order to calculate your monthly payment "m" based on the annual rate "t" for a period of year "n" on a borrowed capital "C", the formula to be used is as follows:

So if you borrow $ 250,000 over 15 years at a rate of 1.10%, that will lead you to use the following calculation:

Your monthly payment is therefore $ 1,507.26.

In addition, you can easily calculate your mortgage from our credit simulation calculator. Finally, we offer you a salary and monthly payment grid for your mortgage application.

Think about the mortgage loan insurance rate

It is important not to neglect your mortgage insurance rate , you must cover yourself in the event of a problem so that the banks will grant you your mortgage.

We have an INIXIA insurance subsidiary with expertise in the field. If the borrower insurance rate does not satisfy you, you can delegate insurance in order to obtain the best rate from another insurer. It is essential to factor borrower insurance into the overall cost of your credit.

We provide you with a unique loan insurance comparator allowing you to compare more than 25 contracts in a few minutes.

Our best real estate rates by region

Find our best rates by region, where we are located:

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To sum up :

📉 How to get the best mortgage rate?

To get the best mortgage rate, it is necessary to call on an expert mortgage broker. The broker compares and negotiates the best interest rate with its partner banks.

📊 How to calculate a real estate interest rate?

The real estate interest rate is calculated in relation to the borrower's profile (professional situation, keeping of bank accounts,…) as well as by the nature of his credit (value of the property, loan period,…).

🔍 Which bank offers the best real estate rate?

Each bank offers rates according to the profile of the borrower and the conditions of its structure. Faced with the diversity of file profiles, it is necessary to call on a broker so that he can compare and find the best loan offer.