10 coolest Suzuki motorcycles ever made, ranked


Over the years, Suzuki has consistently offered some of the best high performance bikes at a much lower price than the competition. Costs need to be cut in some areas, but more often than not they make it work.

It has become something of a trademark for them, but lately they have tended to rely quite heavily on the successes of yesteryear to keep those costs down. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them innovate like they did in the 90s and early 21st century. At their height, it seemed like no one could touch them both on or off the road, but today most of their bikes feature dated designs, outdated technology, or in some cases both. These are the 10 coolest bikes of their prime.


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It was the bike to beat for most of the 1980s, simply in terms of raw horsepower. Unfortunately, it was incredibly heavy thanks to that 1100cc engine.

1981 Suzuki GSX1100S Katana parked outside

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Because of this and its rudimentary chassis it had virtually no cornering ability, it was arguably one of the prettiest machines of the ’80s. No wonder they recently reintroduced the design in a model of return.

250 RM

Suzuki RM250

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One of the best off-road bikes of the 90s is still a great affordable option if you want to hit a motocross track or trails.

Suzuki RM250.

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Although the two-stroke is almost a thing of the past and Suzuki stopped making the RM years ago, it will still follow larger displacement off-road bikes and do a quick job of all modern class bikes. 250.

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RGV 250 SP



We can say with some conviction that this is a modern classic, while two-stroke technology was still used in racing in the late 90s, it was the light machine to have.


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Capable of doing as much as 70 horses in this special edition, it really was a ready-to-go track bike that was in fact almost only incidentally legal for the road.


Suzuki DR-Z400S

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This is the one you can always buy new, the thumper has survived for two decades now as a 400 and its roots go back much further.


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It’s an indestructible machine, capable of going wherever you need it and having fun along the way.

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In many ways, the current GSX-S is an example of how Suzuki could best save money while still being an exceptional machine.

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It benefits from a reasonable chassis, mediocre suspension and brakes, and the engine from the previous generation GSX-R. If you don’t mind emissions, this bike will overtake the current GSX-R with the simple addition of an aftermarket exhaust system and a suitable map to go with it.

SV 650

Suzuki SV650 white bend

Despite being a relatively small V-twin, it produces good power and delivers that power in a smooth, cranky way that has won over many fans.

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It might not be much to look at, but it truly is one of the coolest, most accessible bikes the company has ever made. Not only that, but for beginners, small, tall and experienced riders, the SV is great fun to ride and remains underrated.

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Bandit GSF1200

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While it’s easy to get stuck on the more powerful Hayabusa, which could easily have been on this list if it was even a little drivable, this particular freight train of a motorcycle arrived long before that.

Zombiedrive engine

It is also arguably more user-friendly to use on a daily basis thanks to a comfortable riding position and seat, turn the throttle and the bike will do the mile in 11 seconds. Store.


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By the late 90s and early 2000s, the arms race for middleweight sportbikes was well and truly on and the 600 Class bikes that came out of this era were almost unmatched.


One of them was the Gixxer 600, not often mentioned and easily forgotten thanks to the quality of the opposition, it frankly shouldn’t be, at one point it was truly one of the best.

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Although the latest version of the machine has lost its appeal thanks to all the new feature-rich bikes launched in this segment, the original was a track bike for the street.


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It was launched in the 1980s and was for a time unrivaled, terrifying to ride and untouchable on the track.


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In the mid-00s Suzuki reached the peak of its power, no bike defines it better than the GSX-R made at a time when emissions were starting to choke modern one-liter bikes.

2005-2006 Suzuki GSX-R1000

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The K5 Gixxer has its own fan base, it was for many the greatest sportbike ever made, and it’s pretty hard to find a reason why it shouldn’t be viewed like this.

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