10 Cruiser Bikes You’ll Probably Regret Buying

For decades, cruiser motorcycles have dominated the motorcycle landscape in North America, today that has changed somewhat, but there is sure to be a hard core of fans still out there.

While longtime cruiser-maker Harley-Davidson has dominated sales for decades, other contenders have all had a good crack in the market, some good, some bad, and a few ugly examples come and go. Harley themselves have remained unchanged for the most part, but still managed to produce a few of their own duds. Cruisers have become as advanced as any other type of motorcycle today, but it didn’t happen overnight and along the way mistakes were made.

ten Honda CTX1300

2014 Honda CTX1300

It should have been better, built to take on the Street Glide, this V4 engine had already built a solid reputation in the ST1300, but the way they reworked it to produce more midrange grunts didn’t win out. no fan.

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While their engine readjustment trick worked wonderfully on the CTX700, it fell prone with the big bore 1300. The rev cap went down to 7000 RPM, not strange for a cruiser, but downright. strange for a Honda, and then there was the fact that I just felt like I was driving a device. Oh, and they forgot to add cruise control …

9 Harley-Davidson Sportster 883

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Believe it or not, in the ’80s these came with a four-speed transmission. Which, we assume, wouldn’t be the worst thing for a cruiser if it were well suited; shock, horror, it was not.

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“Cruising” on the highway at around the legal speed limit would actually be a pretty horrible experience. The vibrations of this all-American V-twin require several stops, which is handy, considering you’d be stopping to refuel every 80 miles or so anyway, so you’d probably run out of gas as well. before the cramps set in, luckily.

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8 Victory V92C

Victory V92C
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For a motorcycle made in the late 90s, it’s a bit under-designed to say the least. In a desperate attempt to grab some of that Harley pie, Victory threw something that looked like it was straight out of the ’60s.

motorbike for sale

It also looked like something from that era, with some pretty rough gear changes and not much in terms of speed.

seven Yamaha Bolt

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Despite being one of the best motorcycle makers in the world, they haven’t really been able to make a semi-decent cruiser yet.

Yamaha Bolt
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The Virago was average at best, then the most recent effort is actually, in our opinion, worse. On paper, he’s got heaps of power, but one glance at it, and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

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6 Honda DN-01

Honda DN-01
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Dream New Concept 1 is indeed what its name means, what is even stranger is the fact that it actually went into production.

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No one, including Honda, really knows what class of motorcycle this belongs to, but there is at least one cruiser in there. It was a fairly short experience, with low sales for obvious reasons including the $ 15,000 price tag in 2000s silver.

5 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000

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Once again, there is a Japanese builder that is doing its best to break into the lucrative cruiser market.

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In an effort to outdo the excesses of their rivals, we believe Kawasaki has gone too far. At 820 pounds it’s just a ridiculous thing to lug around, no matter how huge and powerful the engine is, it will always be in the way.

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4 Honda rebel 300

Via: Honda

There is a beginner’s bike in every class these days, while many beginner’s bikes are actually better than most people believe, this one isn’t.

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It’s frankly impossible to encapsulate the torquey nature of a good cruiser into a small-displacement bike, but the Rebel 500 does a good job. The 300 is just Honda going too far, it’s an unnecessary addition to their lineup. If budget is the biggest issue, get a used 500, not this one.

3 Harley-Davidson Street Rod

2017-harley-davidson-street-rod 750
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The entry level Harley is dead, long live the entry level Harley. Sadly, this one just wasn’t good enough, even though it had all its potential it definitely could have been better.

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A Harley is meant to be comfortable it wasn’t, a Harley was meant to be powerful it wasn’t, but most of the time a Harley is meant to be American which it wasn’t. case. It’s no surprise this one was cut, we hope that with their next effort they will learn from this one.

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2 Ducati Diavel

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We have already given the Japanese a bit of grief for their less than spectacular efforts on the cruisers, but the Italian’s first effort was much worse.

Ducati Diavel parked outside
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Although the new Diavel has come a long way, the first generation bikes were hopelessly unreliable. Electronic gremlins became the norm in these bikes until they released the second, much better Diavel.

1 Harley-davidson dyna

a rider negotiating a turn with the Harley Davidson FXDC Dyna Super Glide
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For many it’s the base Harley, it’s also one of the most dangerous motorcycles still on the road.

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the Dyna Death Wobble affects pretty much all Dyna motorcycles, speed swings occur all the time, but with the Dyna there is no recovery, only tarmac, shaft, pain and maybe death.

Two Triumph Rocket 3 GT

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