10 reasons we love the Suzuki GSX-S1000 GT

Over the years, Suzuki are masters in the art of recycling their motorcycles, or at least bringing an old model back to life. It’s a time-honoured strategy that works well for them, saving them millions of dollars in research and development.

While that might seem like a negative at first glance, in the case of the GSX-S1000 we have a fairly dated naked bike reborn as a very relevant sport tourer. Beneath the well-designed new fairings is the mechanics of an older K5 gixxer (K5, as developed for the 05 model designation), a sportbike we all know and love. So if you keep track this is a sportbike, reborn as a naked sport, now reborn as a sport tourer. Rather unexpectedly, it’s brilliant, the new bit is perfectly suited to sport touring and because they paid for the development of this machine over a decade ago, it’s incredibly priced.

ten K5 Heart

150 horsepower is nothing to sniff at, in fact, in this price range, it’s pretty much the most powerful motorcycle money can buy. It has a very different tune to what would have been found in the venerable sportbike that came out in the mid-2000s (above).

For starters, it didn’t have to deal with too many emissions issues and just had more power. Over the years several emissions-related devices have been added that sap power, but this new sport-touring version makes the power much smoother and actually has a mid-range, unlike the sportbike.

9 Handling of sports bikes

What it hasn’t lost over the years is its ability to chase the apex of a corner, it gets the most updated version of the bare GSX-S1000F chassis.

It does, however, have a different subframe, which is designed to deal with the added weight of saddlebags and helps accommodate a passenger more comfortably (still not necessarily “comfortable”).

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8 Improved design

While some don’t like its sharp and angular look, it’s a very modern looking bike considering how dated everything underneath is.

We think they’ve nailed it, it looks modern and their color choices might be a little limited, but when they look as good as they do, we think most people don’t care. won’t care.

seven Updated electronics

The biggest leap forward for Suzuki comes in the form of an electronics package that is now up to date, and a TFT dash that can rival the competition, plus a two-way quickshifter that most competitors do not offer as standard equipment.

It has 3 refreshingly simple ride modes: Active, which is essentially the sport mode, Basic, which is self-explanatory, and Comfort, which smooths everything out and lets the traction control do its job if you’re riding. under the rain.

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6 Comfortable ergonomics

One area where it’s easy to see their attention to detail is the rider’s triangle, although the naked bike isn’t necessarily uncomfortable, it’s a huge leap forward.

It’s arguably the first genuinely comfortable Gixxer, and it’s evolved into a very nice place to be with an upright riding position, an accessible seat height (of just 32 inches) and enough legroom for most. cyclists. Unfortunately, the sporty rear seat may not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s still plenty of legroom, even with the optional panniers fitted.

5 Wind protection

Unfortunately it is not adjustable, but it is very good and most riders will find it more than adequate for most riding conditions.

Like anything that has a bit of a unique approach, very tall riders and very short riders will have to look to the aftermarket.

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4 Optional baggage

Although on the GT model luggage is optional (standard equipment for the GT+), it is still provided, and if you prefer hard luggage, Suzuki obviously has something that can integrate perfectly with the bike.

If you want to save some cash and leave this option unchecked, there are endless high-quality options on the aftermarket, all eagerly waiting to take the cash you’ve saved from the dealership.

3 Fully adjustable suspension

The Gixxer features fully adjustable front and rear suspension, allowing you to perfectly match the bike to your weight and height.

At this end of the market it’s an amazing thing to offer, with most brands only wanting to give you this level of adjustability on high spec, high priced models.

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2 fun-tourer

It really puts the “sport” in sport touring, it has nimble handling, a responsive engine and a stable, supple suspension.

It will do everything similarly priced sportbikes will do with the added benefit of comfort, more torque and better mileage.

1 Exceptional Value

When it comes to value, it has no rivals. Kawasaki comes pretty close to their Ninja 1000 SX in price but doesn’t offer as much value, and their Concours comes close in value but costs a good $2,000 more than the Suzuki’s $13,000 price tag. .

Other manufacturers charge upwards of $20,000 for bikes like this, so if you’re looking for value for money, look no further.

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