10 rush hours for the fastest pike set by motorbikes

Overlooking Colorado Springs, Colorado, Pikes Peak Mountain is home to the famous Pikes Peak International Hill Climb running event held each summer. The event brings together thousands of people to watch motor vehicles of all shapes and sizes take on the grueling ‘race to the clouds’.

Each runner tries to set one of the fastest times on Pikes Peak, but must first cover 12.42 miles of winding road to get to the top. The historic 156-turn course claimed its fair share of riders, and in 2019 after the death of Carlin Dunne, organizers decided to cancel the motorcycle events. Several records will stand forever, including these fastest Pikes Peak times set by motorcycles!

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ten KTM 790 Duke 2018: 10:04.038

2018 was a great year for breaking records at Pikes Peak, but Chris Fillmore’s run may not have been more satisfying. Fillmore raced a 2018 KTM 790 Duke in the middleweight class, but ended up posting a record that many heavyweight counterparts couldn’t achieve.

Although the time of 10:04.038 was not the fastest Fillmore posted on the famous peak, he was still fast enough to claim the top ten times achieved by the bikes. The KTM 790 Duke was not stock, as Fillmore added several performance parts, including updated brakes, rear assemblies and a unique seat.

9 2019 Ducati MTS-1260 Pikes Peak: 10:03.908

2019 would push the bikes to their limits, with many of the fastest times achieved by the bikes that year. Codie Vahsholtz came in second place in the heavyweight division with an incredible time of 10:03.908 at Pikes Peak.

Vahsholtz was riding the 2019 Ducati MTS-1260 Pikes Peak, which is an impressive machine even in production form. Although Vahsholtz couldn’t break the record set on a Multistrada in 2012, it was still a standout ride for the Italian bike maker.

8 Honda CBR1000RR 2014: 10:02.735

Honda doesn’t get enough credit in the performance motorcycle world, and victory aboard a CBR1000RR in 2015 is proof enough. The 2014 model for the 2015 race was powered by veteran driver Jeffrey Tigert.

Tigert was no stranger to victory, taking a win in 2013 over another Honda CBR. Still, the time of 10:02.735 he posted was pure dominance. The Honda CBR1000RR that Tigert rode beat the next fastest moto by 15 seconds, making it one of the fastest Pikes Peak times set by motos.

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seven 2013 Lightning Electric Superbike: 10:00.694

The 2013 Pikes Peak race saw a truly unique bike take the fastest time and set a new record in the process. Carlin Dunne powered the Lightning Superbike to an impressive time of 10:00.694, beating all gas bikes.

As an e-bike, Lightning raced in the show class. The 200+ horsepower behemoth wiped the floor with the next fastest bike of almost 20 seconds. Unfortunately, an electric motorcycle hasn’t achieved such fast times since.

6 2018 Ducati MTS-1260 Pikes Peak: 9:59.102

In 2019, a Ducati MTS would break the fastest Pikes Peak times set by motorcycles, but the brand broke the 10-minute barrier a year earlier. Pikes Peak racing veteran Carlin Dunne clocked a time of 9:59.102 aboard the 2018 Ducati MTS-1260 Pikes Peak.

Conditions in 2018 were less than favorable for the bikes, and rather than fade out Dunne decided to finish the race. Despite poor conditions and a self-imposed limit, Dunne still managed to cross the finish line in less than 10 minutes.

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5 2019 BMW S1000R: 9:58.879

Not only was Lucy Glöckner the only woman to ride motorcycles, she was also the only woman to race. And she posted an incredible time of under 10 minutes in the process. Impressive as ever, Glöckner achieved the feat on an unusual motorcycle, the BMW S1000R.

Although Glöckner fell short of her victory goal, she did set one of the fastest Pikes Peak times set by a moto at 9:58.879. Glöckner proved that racing isn’t just for boys and set a record that is likely to stand unless motorcycles can race again.

4 2013 Kawasaki ZX-10R: 9:58.687

The 2014 Pikes Peak motorcycle class winner took to the mountain on a bike that many thought wouldn’t amount to much. Rookie Jeremy Toye chose to focus on weight reduction rather than raw power and fielded the Kawasaki ZX-10R, a simple one-liter motorcycle.

Regardless of what the competitors thought, Toye pushed his super lightweight bike to an impressive time of 9:58.687, cementing his place as having one of the fastest times at Pikes Peak. A set of BST carbon fiber wheels that further reduced weight contributed to the victory!

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3 2012 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak: 9:52.819

In 2012, Carlin Dunne not only won a third consecutive title, but also set the record for the fastest Pikes Peak time set by motorcycles. It was a record that would only be broken in 2017, and at 9:52.819 was the best time of over six seconds!

The 2012 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak propelled Dunne to his impressive record. His teammate, Greg Tracy, raced the exact same bike, and both recorded times under 10 minutes for the first time in history.

2 2017 KTM 1290 Super Duke R: 9:49.625

Chris Fillmore shook up the motorcycle world and broke the six-year record as a rookie rider. Fillmore took the win aboard a KTM 1290 Super Duke R, setting the new record at 9:49.625.

More impressive than the era is the motorcycle. Fillmore’s KTM was standard and he relied on his 16+ years of Supermoto experience to tackle Pikes Peak for the first time.

1 2018 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100: 9:44.963

The fastest Pikes Peak time set by motorcycles was set in 2019, the last year the event occurred. The runner, Rennie Scaysbrook, was Carlin Dunne’s teammate and dedicated his record run to Dunne when he posted the time of 9:44.963 which will likely stick forever.

Scaysbrook set the record on an impressive machine – the 2018 Aprilia Tuono V4 1100. The Aprilia Tuono V4 was a naked motorcycle that shared characteristics with the RSV4 motorcycle famous for its World Superbike titles. Although Dunne’s death was tragic, it paved the way for another winner, setting a world-class record.

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