10 Things Every Motorcycle Enthusiast Should Know About The 2022 Honda Rebel 500

the Honda Rebel 500 is the most famous entry-level cruiser in the segment and has also been one of the best-selling motorcycles in the segment. Launched in 1985, the Honda Rebel was an incredible value-for-money proposition that offered all the benefits of a smaller capacity motorcycle while delivering the performance and quality of a much more expensive cruiser and more big capacity. With this 2022 iteration, the Rebel 500 still retains that ethos.

The 2022 Honda Rebel 500, available at an MSRP of $6,299 for the version without ABS and $6,599 for those equipped with ABS, comes with the famous parallel-twin engine and a smooth gearbox. This makes it quite fun to drive. Other than that, the cruiser’s design and top-notch build quality and reliability also remain unchanged. Competing with the Yamaha Bolt and Kawasaki Vulcan S, here are 10 things every motorcycle enthusiast should know about the 2022 Honda Rebel 500.

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ten The Parallel-Twin is shared with many bikes in the Honda stable

2020 Honda Rebel 500
via the ultimate motorcycle

Offered with the 471cc liquid-cooled DOHC parallel-twin engine with 4 valves per cylinder, the 2022 Honda Rebel 500 has more than enough grunt to make a quick pass and easily hit the highway speed limit. This engine produces a respectable 46.9 hp and 31.7 lb-ft of torque and has a relatively low compression ratio of 10.7:1.

2020 Honda Rebel 500 Engine
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This parallel-twin engine is mated to a typical Honda gearbox, providing crisp shift quality and no false dead spots. The gearing is also well distributed. In terms of performance, motorcycles accelerate perfectly in cities and on highways. There’s no flat spot in the powerband either. However, high-end performance is mediocre.

9 Loaded with all relevant features

2020 Honda Rebel 500 2
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With a base MSRP of just $6,299, many would expect Honda to cut corners when it comes to the features on offer. However, Honda has managed to incorporate all the necessary features and driving aids, which would help the rider get a comfortable and hassle-free driving experience.

Honda Rebel 500 2020 1
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Some of the styling features, like blacked-out components, quad-bulb LED headlight, LED taillight and turn signals, a long list of optional Honda accessories are offered with the 2022 Rebel 500. Other than that, a slipper and assist clutch, anti-lock braking system, digital instrument panel, cast aluminum wheels, and more. are also on board.

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8 Build quality is superb

2021 Honda Rebel 500 bike wallpaper hd
Via: powersports.honda.com

The 2022 Honda Rebel 500 has the same ethos as the outgoing 2021 model, and the build quality is easily one of the best in the segment. You can’t fault this bike for the quality of its paint and powder coating, as it is a cut above the bikes from Yamaha and Suzuki.

2021 Honda Rebel 500 tank close-up
Via: powersports.honda.com

All of the fiber parts in the 2022 Rebel 500 are dense and won’t flex or creak when pressed hard. All the panels fit well and the gaps between the panels are also very consistent. Chrome components in the form of headlight bezel, suspension components, etc. are very well finished and add to the premium factor.

seven Fuel economy will surprise pilots

Honda rebel 500 black
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Being a parallel twin, the 2022 Honda Rebel 500 offers excellent gas mileage, making it one of the most frugal motorcycles in the segment. This cruiser motorcycle offers a combined gas mileage of 67 mpg, which will make it a pocket bike.

The Rebel 500 successfully continues the legacy of the 250 as a great entry-level cruiser and justifies itself on almost every level.
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With a fuel tank capacity of 3 gallons and a reasonable wet weight of 408 pounds, the 2022 Honda Rebel 500 could get a combined range of around 200 miles on a full tank, which is pretty good. In comparison, the Kawasaki Vulcan S offers 55 mpg and the Yamaha Bolt offers 61 mpg of combined gas mileage.

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6 Seems very high end

Honda Rebel 500: supreme performance and ease of use
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Even though it is a relatively inexpensive motorcycle, the 2022 Honda Rebel 500 looks a lot like its big brother, the 2022 Honda Rebel 1100. This makes it much more attractive compared to the competition. The three-color palettes also make the bike look great.

The Honda Rebel 500 is beautiful
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The front part is highlighted by the round LED headlight made up of 4 bulbs. The circular mirrors, the wide handlebars, the rubber boots for the front forks and the wide 130 section tires look cool. Blacked-out engine and exhaust components, exposed diamond-like steel-tube frame ends, and unique saddle with stitching give it a premium, high-end look.

5 Riding the city streets ain’t his USP

Honda rebel 500
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At first glance, the 2022 Honda Rebel 500 has all the right requirements for a fairly comfortable motorcycle on city streets. The seat height of 27.2 inches is very low and the controls and handlebars are also easy to reach. However, the Rebel 500 isn’t the ideal bike for hitting the streets due to a major design flaw.

2020 Honda Rebel 500
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It has strange ergonomics, the seat height being quite low, tall riders would not find the seat comfortable as the legs would be very high when placed on the footpegs. This would make the journey very tedious and the risk of body pain is high. The suspension is also set to the stiffest side.

4 Digital instrument cluster lacks a few important features

2021 Honda Rebel 500 digital instrument layout
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The 2022 Honda Rebel 500s instrument cluster is a digital LCD setup that has its pros and cons. Being a fairly bright and crisp display, the pilot would have no problem viewing the display even on the brightest of days. The negative display looks cool too.

Rebel 500 Gallery Image

All relevant information such as speed, gear engaged, fuel consumption, trip data, etc. are on board. However, one of the major issues with this console is the lack of Bluetooth connectivity, which is offered by some rivals. This means that the phone and messages, navigation, music information, etc. can’t be displayed, and that’s a bummer.

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3 Brakes are adequate for on-tap performance

The 2021 Honda Rebel 500 also performs well on urban roads
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Braking performance is more than enough to stop the bike with confidence. The front end of the 2022 Honda Rebel 500 comes with a 2-piston caliper with a single 296mm disc, and the braking progression offered is similar to the competition. However, the brakes feel a bit wooden and the initial bite could have been better.

a driver on Honda Rebel 500
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Rear braking is handled by the 1-piston caliper with a single 240mm disc setup, and braking performance is more than adequate. When stepping on the rear brake pedal, the Rebel 500 stops without issue, providing decent progression and bite. Dual-channel ABS can also be used, which would increase the price by $300, making it $6,599.

2 Highway driving experience is enjoyable

2021 Honda Rebel 500 highway cruising is a nice factor
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Other than the somewhat cramped ergonomics and low seat height that makes tall riders less comfortable than the Kawasaki Vulcan S, the 2022 Honda Rebel 500 doesn’t have much to complain about. The unrestricted liquid-cooled engine is a joy to ride at highway speeds, and the wide torque range makes overtaking easier too.

2021 Honda Rebel 500 Front Third Quarter Cruise View
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The gear changes add to the driving experience, and sixth gear is tall enough. The rider would also be welcomed with an engine that has an excellent NVH level at highway speeds. The suspension setup is stiff enough, making it very stable and comfortable at speeds over 50 mph, and it all adds up to its driving experience.

1 Vibrations won’t bother cyclists

The 2021 Honda Rebel 500 has a comfortable stance
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NVH has always been a top priority for Honda, and the same DNA carries over to the 2022 Honda Rebel 500. The parallel-twin engine mated to the rubber-mounted components like the handlebars, bar-end grips, footpegs , etc makes the Rebel 500 an impressive motorcycle to ride. Vibration is very minimal at low and mid revs.

2021 Honda Rebel 500 front third quarter view
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However, as the revs pass 8,500, subtle vibrations can be felt through the handlebars and footpegs. But that’s no big deal and with the lack of high-end power, there’s no point in revving this bike that high anyway.

Here's what you need to know about the Honda Rebel 500
Here’s what you need to know about the Honda Rebel 500

This is almost an intermediate motorcycle, which means that any beginner will not only find it comfortable to ride, but also easy to develop.

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