10 things every motorcycle enthusiast should know about the 2022 Kawasaki Z650

Being one of the most sought after midweight naked bikes in the segment, the Kawasaki Z650 is considered one of the most favorite picks of the bunch. With sharp design language, crisp driving dynamics, and one of the easiest-to-ride motorcycles of the bunch, the Z650 has become a favorite with beginners and experienced riders alike. All of this carried over to the 2022 iteration of the Z650, making it an equally alluring motorcycle to swing your leg.

Available for a starting MSRP of $ 7,549 for the non-ABS variant and $ 8,049 for the ABS variant, the 2022 Kawasaki Z650 is a great value proposition. Powered by the legendary 650cc parallel-twin engine producing 68hp and the high-strength Trellis tubular steel frame mated to sorted suspension and brakes, the 2022 Z650 is easily one of the must-see motorcycles for riders. passionate.

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Sugomi’s style looks aggressive


Carrying on the coveted sugomi design language of the outgoing 2021 Z650, the 2022 Kawasaki Z650 looks like a million bucks because it is designed similarly to being a predator before launching into the prey. The front and side view of this bike strangely resembles that of the big brother Kawasaki Z900, and the beautiful trellis frame further emphasizes the design.


The striking colors of the alloy rims and frame, silver and chrome accents and the well-sculpted tank give the Z650 the look and feel of a bare 1000cc supersport motorcycle. Exhaust manifolds, LED headlights and taillights, 3 color palettes and wide Dunlop tires also add to the character.

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Tried and tested parallel twin motor


Powered by the legendary 649cc liquid-cooled parallel twin engine capable of producing a decent 68 hp and 42 lb-ft of torque, the 2022 Z650 follows the pedigree of the rest of the Kawasaki range of motorcycles which are powered by the same engine. It’s one of those engines that requires absolutely no work other than periodic fluid changes and wearing part replacements.


Being the same engine used in the Ninja 650, this parallel twin engine has been in continuous production for a long time and this has helped Kawasaki fine-tune and improve this indestructible engine. This can mainly be seen by the stress-free power delivery and the below-average heat emitted by the engine, especially compared to rivals like the Triumph Trident 660 and the Yamaha MT-07.

Comfortable ergonomics


The 2022 Kawasaki Z650 offers a very comfortable riding position for most riders. Due to the low seat height of 31.1 “and the well-padded seats for both rider and passenger, the Z650 feels very comfortable during those long highway journeys. The seats are also sufficient. wide and profiled.


With the handlebars mounted a bit forward and the footrests pushed back slightly, the Z650 offers the perfect rider triangle that helps riders get comfortable without losing too much sportiness. What makes it even more impressive is the well-positioned switchgear and the smooth, lightweight clutch.

Precise handling and balanced chassis


Offered with the conventional KYB 41mm front forks and the KYB monoshock with adjustable spring load at the rear, the Z650 has proven to be a competent motorcycle both in high-speed upright riding and in fast turns. Even though the front and rear forks are set to the softer side, they grip the roads like a leech.


As the speed increases, the stability is top notch offered by this bare average weight is top notch. Along with the excellent suspension setup, what puts this bare bike at the top of the charts in the handling department is the well-designed, rigid trellis tubular steel frame. This chassis helps the bike hold quite well in the corners and it gives the riders a lot of confidence.

Comes with decent equipment


The 2022 Z650 retains all the required features such as ABS, power clutch and traction control and multiple drive modes, which makes this bare average weight pretty impressive for the price. Along with this, LED headlights and taillights are also available as standard.


This 2022 iteration of the Z650 advances the TFT dashboard screen which offers all the required information such as speedometers, trip information and more. The rider can monitor and connect with the Z650 with the Rideology smartphone app which provides information relating to ride logs, phone notices, navigation updates and many more.

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Comfortable ride quality


With the conventional KYB front fork mated to the adjustable KYB shock absorber with rear preload, the 2022 Kawasaki Z650 proved to be the most comfortable offering in the segment. The front part is set on the softer side, which easily absorbs any bumps in the road.


Even the rear monoshock seemed to be designed for more comfortable rides than being a crawler machine. However, even with the softer setup, handling is perfect and remains inspiring. The grip is light and it helps while driving around town at low speed.

Sharp Brakes help stop the Z650 on a dime


One of the main deterrents of the older Kawazaki Z650 model years was the poor braking performance on offer. However, the braking performance offered by the 2022 Z650 proved to be excellent, offering a sharp first bit and excellent progression.


The front receives the Nissin 2-piston calipers with two 300mm petal discs, and the rear receives the Nissin 1-piston caliper with 220mm disc. The excellent material coupled with ABS causes the Z650 to stop instantly. In addition, the feel and feedback of the front brake lever is excellent. The rear brake pedal also provided decent feel and feedback.

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Power delivery suitable for beginners


The Z650 is a motorcycle that can be tackled quite easily by novice riders. With smooth initial power delivery and good low end torque, novice riders would find a very tame bike to ride and hone their skills. Even mid-range and high-end performance isn’t nearly as scary as rivals like the MT-07 and Trident 660.


A few other pluses that make it more beginner friendly are the ultra-light clutch operation and the smooth gear changes offered by the 6-speed gearbox. There were no false neutrals and the neutral was easy to find, unlike the Trident 660.

Unmatched build quality for the price


Being a Japanese motorcycle, the Z650 has an impeccable level of fit and finish. The fitting is clickable and precise, as it should be. The same goes for the fiber parts. The well-sculpted tank is stiff and doesn’t feel like it has a cost.


Many owners of the outgoing Z650 also reported no clicking or squealing as with the increasing number of kilometers on the odometer. This suggests how well the Z650 is put together. In comparison, the Yamaha MT-07 remains a cut below the Z650 in terms of build quality.

One of the most reliable naked middleweights


The 2022 Kawasaki Z650’s parallel twin engine is synonymous with absolute reliability and bulletproof nature. With just regular maintenance, including periodic oil changes, filter changes, and valve clearance checks, the Kawasaki Z650 could easily travel over 100,000 miles.


With no major complaints reported, the Z650 also has a very low cost of service. Along with this, the parts are readily available over the counter which is an added benefit for novice riders as they tend to crash more often than others. Even the Z650’s electronics and fiber parts hold up quite well over the years, as can be seen on RiderForum, which is a Kawasaki riders forum.

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