13K-Mile 1986 Honda NS400R is all about two-stroke glory and racing technology


Even though this restored gem is not in perfect condition, it really comes close.

Underneath its retro fairings, the 1986 Honda MY NS400R features a 387cc two-stroke V-3 engine, featuring three Keihin carburetors and a 6.7: 1 compression ratio. The liquid-cooled power source is connected to the motorcycle’s chain-drive rear arch via a six-speed transmission, and it will gladly deliver 72bhp at around 9500rpm.

At a point lower in the rev range, this savage demon will produce a maximum torque of 39 lb-ft (53 Nm). Ultimately, the end result is a respectable top speed of 129 mph (207 km / h). Up front, suspension tasks are well taken care of by air-assisted forks, while the creature’s rear is taken care of by a Pro-Link module.

Stopping power is relied on by dual-piston calipers, and they are mounted on two 256 mm (10.1 inch) brake discs at the front and a single 220 mm (8.7 inch) unit at the pole opposite. When the NS400R’s five gallon (19 liter) fuel chamber is empty, the whole ordeal will tip the scales at just 359 pounds (163 kg).

The specimen shown above these paragraphs has less than 12,700 miles (20,400 km) on the odometer, and it was subjected to invigorating service from March 2021. For good grip on asphalt, its wheels at six spokes have been fitted with a premium pair. Bridgestone Battlax BT46 tires. In addition, you will find a new battery, new steering head bearings and a modern front brake master cylinder.

As you read this, the two-stroke Honda phenomenon is looking for a new home on the Iconic Motorbike Auctions (IMA) platform, and you still have plenty of time to register your offers. The online auction will be open until January 7, and the highest bidder is bidding $ 5,300 in the hopes of securing that purchase. However, the reserve price was not met, so you’ll have to be rather generous if you want to see the NS400R in your driveway.


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