#2 of 40,000 – Local Mortgage Agent Leaves Customers Satisfied

Fidel Dorado

Out of 40,000 mortgage loan officers nationwide, a man from Madera is credited with ranking #2 among all for providing exceptional customer service.

Zabe Mortgage’s Fidel Dorado was ranked second among loan officers from 350 companies based on customer surveys by experience.com, a provider of experience management software.

Experience.com recently released its annual list of America’s Best Loan Officers for Customer Satisfaction. The cloud-based platform is directly connected to each company’s loan origination system, with customer satisfaction surveys automatically sent to the borrower and co-borrower for all closed loan transactions.

A proprietary algorithm and weighting was used to arrive at the final results, which are based on 2021 data. The prize is awarded to the top 1% of participating loan officers.

“Getting a position on the Top Loan Officers list is extremely difficult,” says Scott Harris, CEO of Experience.com. “The Loan Officer (LO) must close a high volume of mortgages and provide every customer with a great experience every time. One poor rating out of 100 closed loans can prevent an LO from landing on this prestigious list.

Dorado received an overall rating of 4.99 stars (out of 5) from 299 reviews.

Since 2000, Dorado has been with Zabe Mortgage since 2000. His brother, Audel Avila, started the business in 1997. He and Dorado are now partners.

Dorado credits the time he spends with his customers to positive reviews. Mortgage company advertisements boast about how quickly they can process loans. Dorado questions this strategy.

“Talking about one of the biggest commitments of your life and you want to press a button?” said Dorado.

He said they take the time to explain the pros and cons of each option in order to understand the different benefits.

“It’s the kind of things we do to invest in our customers that can help them make the most informed and educational decisions,” Dorado said.

Dorado completed 465 loans in 2021 for $86.5 million, performing both purchase and refinance loans. He was also named Loan Officer of the Year for Golden Empire Mortgage among the approximately 50 branches the company operates in California. He was also named among the top 1% of loan officers for the Scotsman Guide – an industry magazine for lenders.

#1 on Experience.com’s list was Giuseppe Battaglioli with Zenith Home Loans in Greenwood, Colorado, which received a rating of 4.97 from 394 reviews.

Zabe Mortgage operates under the Golden Empire Mortgage network.

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