Advanced… | Why do you need advanced motorcycle training?

LIKE any other rather niche activity, riding a motorcycle takes years to learn and decades to master. But it is nott to say you never really Masterthe art of riding on two wheels.

Sure, you can keep moving in the same direction, hitting the road, and driving a big mile, but every once in a while that only serves to further entrench some of those bad driving habits you pick up over the years. . This is where advanced motorcycle post-test training comes in. Not only can post-test training increase your knowledge, but it can also help you break those bad habits that can build up over time. And as these bad habits are picked up and removed from your skills, you’ll eventually ride safer, with many riders saying post-test training has helped them enjoy their ride more once they’ve completed an advanced training course.

Which Advanced Motorcycle Training Is Best For Me?

With a variety of training courses and providers, it can be difficult to determine which post-test training course is the best option for you. Fortunately, the MCIA has launched a new tool to help cyclists find the training that’s right for them. The Elite Rider Hub lists the UK’s most credible and useful advanced motorcycle training providers all in one place. It removes the need to scour the internet for a course that suits you and also provides an overview of the course content. Whether you ride for work, pleasure or the daily commute, the Elite Rider Hub can help you find the ride that’s right for you.

Training offered


Bikesafe is a course run by the police and provides post-test training in a relaxed environment. The training focuses on observed riding, looking at your attitude, observation, cornering, overtaking, filtering, junctions, group riding, hazard awareness and the bike’s control system.

BMF Blue Riband Rider Award

The BMF Blue Riband Rider Award is run by one of the UK’s largest motorcycling groups and will see you taking part in on-road training, readings and home assessments. At the end of the course, you will receive a certificate, a badge and a membership of the BMF for 12 months.

BMW driver training

BMW Rider Training offers three levels of post-test training, and you can train on your own machine or on one of BMW’s training bikes. The courses offered are, Advanced Road Skills Level 1, Advanced Road Skills Level 2, Advanced Road Skills Level 3 (including ROSPA assessment), 1:1 Bespoke Training and Road Skills Adventures.

Advanced Diamond Training

Diamond Advanced Training is a bit different from the other trainings listed on this page as it focuses on defensive and environmentally friendly driving techniques. Not only do you save on fuel, like most of the training courses listed here, but Diamond Advanced Training could also save you money on renewing your motorcycle insurance.

Enhanced endorsement program

The Enhanced Rider Scheme is a DVSA-supported post-test training program that offers tailored training tailored to each rider’s individual needs. The Enhanced Rider Scheme is suitable for people who have just passed their test, who are returning to riding, who are improving their bike or who simply want to check their riding level with a professional motorcycle trainer.

Honda Motorcycle School

The Honda School of Motorcycles program connects Honda dealerships with their top local training schools to ensure Honda customers receive high-quality training without having to cross the country to attend.

IAM Roadsmart

IAM Roadsmart is one of the best known post-training courses available. The IAM has created an enjoyable and challenging Advanced Rider course to give you additional knowledge and skills to make your on-road experiences safer and more satisfying.

Kawasaki Rider Training Services

Kawasaki Rider training services run across the UK and link local approved training organizations with dealerships, meaning you’re never far from post-test improvements!

RoSPA Advanced Riders and Drivers

The RoSPA Advanced Riders and Drivers program is a network of groups across the UK offering free riding and driving training to help you improve your skills and prepare to take the RoSPA Advanced test.

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