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Dallas, Texas, July 29, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Alternet Systems, Inc. (OTC Pink: ALYI) (“ALYI”) today released a report from CEO Randell Torno on the electric motorcycle rider at the company launched earlier this month. The report is included in full below:

CEO’s Electric Motorcycle Rider Report

As this pilot report update is released, I should be in the air for the first leg of my final trip to Nairobi, where we are building the foundation for our global EV ecosystem.

One of the objectives of my trip is to prepare our partners for a media campaign around our latest business developments.

To advance all of our business, we recognize the importance of demonstrating our progress through stories, images and videos.

The dominant world of YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and others is both challenging and demanding. Today’s highly democratized multimedia and social media applications give cranky and reclusive celebrities and teens, as well as small, medium and large organizations, virtually equal access to the global information market and consumption. For a start-up company like ALYI, social media today is very stimulating, but at the same time it comes with a demanding burden. The prevailing social media environment both allows and demands multimedia rich communications.

Social media today is also a two-way communication platform. The messages we publish generate feedback messages from a worldwide audience. Return messages are unpredictable and can be unexpectedly caustic and damaging.

Our electric vehicle ecosystem in Kenya relies on several partners from the public and private sectors. We’ve literally worked for years on building some of the partnerships. It is not possible to start an electric motorcycle taxi business without local partners to handle a wide variety of critical business aspects, from importing parts to employing drivers, which involves details to include the government authority and paying taxes, not to mention local bank accounts and insurers … to name just a few of the considerations that must be taken into account in even piloting the electric motorcycle taxi business, let alone running a business of production.

When we launch a multimedia communication campaign, we will generate responses that will go directly to our partners. Some of these responses can be caustic and potentially damaging to our working relationships with our partners. I want to take every possible precaution to prepare our partners for the communications campaign to include potentially caustic responses. Please be patient as we strengthen our partnerships against the potentially caustic negative element responses that accompany a highly democratized two-way communication environment. We do not want to inadvertently harm any of our partnerships and suffer a possible setback in our business plan as a result of a multimedia communication campaign.

As you may have deduced from the above story to our various partners, our electric motorcycle rider is much more than just commissioning electric motorcycles as taxis or providing electric motorcycles as short-term rental vehicles. While the electric motorcycle is our rider’s star, the star is nothing without a critical supporting cast and a backstage support team.

After a lot of work to prepare the star, the star finally takes center stage. Our supporting actors and our behind-the-scenes support team do an amazing job. When we launch our multimedia communication campaign and spotlight our electric motorcycle star, it will be thanks to the many great partners who believe in the global vision of ALYI’s electric vehicle ecosystem.

Our communications campaign will begin with introducing critical support actors and backstage support team members first. For example, the motorcycle taxi operator partner who manages the taxi business in which our electric motorcycle is deployed will be one of the first to be introduced. We will also introduce the manufacturer of the electric motorcycle and highlight the design process between the manufacturer and the design partners of ALYI MODUS and iQSTEL (IQST). Each progressive campaign communication will include snapshots of contributions from little-known, but nonetheless essential partners who provide critical support to include import, assembly and maintenance.

The ultimate goal of the communication campaign is not only to showcase the current state of the rider, but to demonstrate the scalability of the rider in a company that can support the deployment of our order of 2,000 electric motorcycles.

The ALYI Electric Motorcycle Rider is on track and is a much more comprehensive initiative than we think most ALYI progress observers realize. We believe that the next multimedia campaign will demonstrate the breadth and complexity of the pilot and the potential of the pilot to be turned into a substantial business.

Even as large and complex as our pilot program is, and as important as the activity that can be scaled from the pilot, our electric motorcycles initiative is only a small part of our overall vision of the ecosystem of electric vehicles.

Next month, we plan to make a major reveal that will demonstrate the significant scale of ALYI’s ultimate leadership and how far we are in achieving the goal of that ultimate leadership.

Until then, thank you for your continued support and interest in our vision and progress towards that vision.

Randell Torno

ALYI builds a complete EV ecosystem solution designed to advance the entire EV industry with perpetual contribution to advanced EV technology through the continued participation of EV industry leaders.

ALYI aims for industry leaders in branded electric vehicles to attend an annual Electric Vehicle Symposium and Conference Anchored by Electric Vehicle Racing Event in Kenya. The aim of the Electric Vehicle Symposium and Conference is to advance electric vehicle technology by creating electric vehicle solutions for the African market – a robust and energy limited environment with one of the transport deployments by lowest inhabitant in the world. EV solutions for the African market will be applicable worldwide. EV solutions designed and built in Africa also contribute to building an autonomous African economy. ALYI plans to make a major announcement next month regarding the EV race which management believes will bring considerable attention to the overall strategy of ALYI’s EV ecosystem.

ALYI seeded its EV ecosystem solution with the development of its own EV motorcycle business. ALYI recently launched an electric motorcycle pilot program in Kenya which is already generating expected results to distinguish ALYI’s EV business from the competition.

The pilot is being carried out in conjunction with the order for 2,000 electric motorcycles, the execution of which is being finalized with the results of the pilot.

ALYI designed its EV ecosystem solution to include democratized participation. ALYI has partnered with ReovltTOKEN to fund ALYI’s growth by offering participation in the electric vehicle ecosystem through the sale of Revolt tokens.

To learn more about RevoltTOKEN and how to participate in ALYI’s electric vehicle ecosystem by purchasing Revolt tokens, visit

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