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Spanish Superbike Championship, 5th round

JULY 23, 2022

The fifth round of the Spanish Superbike Championship takes place this weekend at the Circuit MotorLand Aragón. Due to the heatwave that has been plaguing the country for an entire week, high temperatures have been the protagonists since Thursday when the drivers took to the track for free practice.

This Saturday, as usual, the times were played to determine the starting order of the races which took place from 1:05 p.m. About 170 runners are in Alcañiz for this event, which today has already been spectacular.

Borja Gómez wins again in Superbike

Ilya Mikhalchyk, Tito Rabat and Borja Gómez were tasked with battling for pole in the top category but, in the end, the Murcian from Cardoso Racing completed The Fastest Rider Fulbat Plate leaving behind the BMW Easy Race and the Honda Laglisse team .

In the race, Tito led the first lap but Ilya passed him to take the lead. None of them had the man on pole, Borja Gómez, who passed them and pulled away from all to add his third consecutive victory. So far, a perfect weekend for Cardoso Racing at MotorLand.

Coming from behind after a time trial in which he was sixth, Óscar Gutiérrez placed third while Mikhalchyk was right behind him. Things did not change and Borja won with authority, Tito was second and Óscar third.

In Stock1000, Dani Sáez, Eduardo Montero and Ville Valtonen were the protagonists.

Julián Giral gives Ducati the first victory in Supersport NG

Aleix Viu, showing off his fantastic form, took pole position in Supersport. Julián Giral and Juan Rodríguez started with him on the front row of the grid in today’s race. Viu and Giral put on a great show in the opening laps, riding very close to each other and overtaking more than once. In third and fourth position were Rodríguez and Yeray Ruiz who had started sixth.

With five laps to go, the Andotrans Team Torrentó rider had problems with his bike and had to retire, leaving Julián in the lead and taking his first win of the season as the only rider to compete with Ducati in the class. . Juan crossed the finish line second and Joan Díaz third after passing Ruiz.

In Stock600 they formed the photography of the winners Eric Fernández, Maxwell Toth and Jared Schutz.

American Max Toth on the MotorLand Aragon podium. Photo courtesy of Bert Toth.

Juanan Conesa wins with authority in Junior SBK

The best of the SBK Júnior training session turned out to be Juan Antonio Conesa who, by just over half a second, beat Julio García. Antonio Torres closed the top three. In the race, Conesa also proved to be the fastest and most consistent driver and as the laps went by, he moved away from the others. Pepe Osuna, Borja Jiménez, Unai Calatayud and Antonio Torres were tasked with fighting for the rest of the positions of honor, going very close and delivering a fine duel.

With Juanan riding alone and with victory under his arm, Unai Calatayud finished second and Pepe Osuna third.

Unai Calatayud, Dairon Morillas and Facundo Mora were on the podium on the Yamaha R3 and Juan Antonio Conesa, Pepe Osuna and Borja Jiménez were on the Kawasaki Ninja Spirit Trophy.

Izan Rodríguez and Jesús Ríos win exciting Moto4 and PreMoto3 battles

David González was the absolute dominator of PreMoto3 time after being the fastest and leading throughout the session. Jesús Ríos and Eitan Gran joined him on the front row of the grid in this afternoon’s race. Nice battle between González and Ríos who rode very close for the victory during all the laps. In the seventh, that of Cuna de Campeones grounded in the middle and moved away from that of MRT Talent but Ríos tracked him down again to try to win. Behind, a group of five riders offered endless overtaking to accompany David and Jesús on the winners’ list. After a lot of nervousness and tension, in the last meters Ríos defeated González and he was the best. David finished second and Gras third.

In Promo3, Miguel Bernal, Jesús Torres and Alejandra Fernández got on the podium and in Cuna de Campeones Torres, Fernández and Valentín Perrone.

Andrés García, with a gap of a second, was the best in the Moto4 time trial. Álvaro Lucas had to settle for second and Izan Rodríguez third. In less than half a second, six drivers exchanged positions almost in each curve during the first laps of the race. There were different leaders in almost every run across the finish line demonstrating that the equality and competitiveness was 100%. Whoever was first in a lap, the next one was fourth. With the checkered flag waved and the front four riding in parallel, Izan Rodríguez won, Iaroslav Karpushin was second and Álvaro Lucas third.

Eric Molina, the best of the Yamaha R7 after an epic fight

Óscar San Emeterio, Matías Pérez and Eric Molina took the top spots in the Yamaha R7 Cup standings during qualifying. In the race, Eric managed to pass in the first stages of it, but San Emeterio passed him in a bid to win. He was unsuccessful as Matías and Eric passed him with four laps to go. The three offered a good fight but it was Eric who proved to be the strongest. He saw the checkered flag before everyone followed by Matías and Óscar.

Tomorrow, at 11:00 a.m., the races will resume at MotorLand Aragón, which can be followed live by streaming on the YouTube channel RFME .

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