Andrea Dovizioso relives the “drama” of Honda riders at Yamaha: “Only Quartararo can ride this bike”

Andrea Dovizioso continues to show many difficulties in taking the Yamaha M1 to good results, and he again criticized the Japanese motorcycle, pointing out that only Fabio Quartararo has the ability to ride it, a problem identified as early as 2021 and that he has immediately reported to the responsible persons, without there being any changes so far. The rider’s complaints are reminiscent of criticism from other riders in Honda’s recent past, with a bike that “only” Marc Marquez could ride to good results.

After today’s race, where he was 15th ahead of another official Yamaha rider, Franco Morbidelli, the Italian veteran spoke again about the main problems of the Yamaha bike: ‘We know very well why we are not competitive and what should I do differently and why is Fabio the only one who can do this and that is very bad because the difference is very big and so it is very difficult, especially since this circuit is very demanding”.

The North American runway also made runway operations difficult: “If you don’t ride in a relaxed way you’ve already used a lot of energy in practice sessions, in the race you don’t have the real energy to force 20 laps and that’s even worse. I’m disappointed and I end up with Franky [Morbidelli] in this position is another confirmation and we cannot rejoice in it”.

In #04’s opinion, the problems are clear, and although he gave his opinion from the beginning when he started his adventure with the builder, the truth is that so far nothing has changed, and that only one rider – Fabio Quartararo – is able to ride this bike, due to his very particular riding style. A problem already seen in the recent past… with the Honda of Marc Marquez:

– The reason for me, and it’s clear from the start, is the same: grip and power, especially grip. With that kind of traction you have to ride in a specific way and if you don’t you can’t compete with Yamaha’s specs. I repeat it from Misano last year and it doesn’t change because the bike hasn’t changed and that’s the hallmark of Yamaha now. It has many positives […] but as i explained to everyone since the first time i rode a bike is that for some reason the lack of traction is very important and if you ride like Fabio you can be fast , but it’s not enough to compete with others as it struggled compared to last year.

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