Are Credit Card Points Deleted At Year End?


Credit cards are debit cards offered by banks to their customers in line with their economic strengths, allowing them to shop without carrying cash. Due to competition between banks, there are certain policies implemented by banks to increase the use of their own credit cards. One of them is credit card points.


How to Use Credit Card Points

How to Use Credit Card Points

Nowadays, it is possible to use credit card points in big shopping markets, cosmetics stores and clothing stores.

The only thing to be considered for this:

  • To know which shopping point is contracted with which bank and which bank is allowed to use points when shopping with a credit card.

Not every credit card score is available at every point of sale. Information can be obtained from the cashier’s authority. According to the information given by the authorized person, if the credit card points can be used in that workplace, all or part of the shopping amount can be paid against the points according to the number of points on the card.


When to Use Credit Card Points?

There are no restrictions. Bank customers can use their credit card points at any time in convenient shopping points.


Learn Credit Card Score

When to Use Credit Card Points?

A credit card score inquiry can be done in different formats. One of these is to check the account cut statement delivered to the customer via electronic mail or via regular mail. You can have information about the total available credit card points in the account cut statement.

Another method is:

  • If the shop where the shop is contracted with the bank of the credit card, the slip paper from the pos device also includes the score information. It is also possible to obtain information about how many points are available on the credit card from the cashiers at the relevant points of sale.

In addition to these, the customer service can be connected to the customer service to ask the customer representative about the number of points on the credit card or the number of points in the card can be displayed via internet banking.


Credit Card Points Expiration Dates

Credit Card Points Expiration Dates

The use of credit card points is not restricted if the card is a feature of the card itself. Customers can use these points at any time. Only in some special cases can the duration of use of the points reflected on the card be limited. However, even in such a case, extra time can be defined for the use of the restricted points accumulated on the card if requested by the users.

To sum up:

  • The points accumulated on all credit cards can be used in any business, regardless of the number of points, unless the credit card is canceled.
  • However, the situation is slightly different for the points defined with respect to special cases.

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