Brittany Force leads NHRA record assault in Friday’s qualifying at Virginia Nationals

  • Five of six track records were broken in the first qualifying round Friday at the NHRA Nationals in Virginia.
  • If that holds, it would be second in the standings this year and 34th overall for Brittany Force, which now has nine of the 10 fastest races in Top Fuel history.
  • In Funny Car, Matt Hagan broke the previous track record by nearly 10 mph.

    Top Fuel points leader Brittany Force powered both ends of the track record at Virginia Motorsports Park, racing to the No. 1 interim qualifier Friday at the NHRA Virginia Nationals.

    Matt Hagan (Funny Car) and Angie Smith (Pro Stock Motorcycle) are also the No. 1 provisional qualifiers, as five of six track records were broken Friday at the seventh of 22 races in the 2022 NHRA Camping World season. Drag Racing Series. .

    In the NHRA’s first appearance on the track in three years, Force clocked an impressive 3.710 seconds at 335.82 mph in his 11,000 horsepower Flav-R-Pac dragster, making the fastest and fastest run ever. in the history of Virginia Motorsports Park. If that holds, it would be second place this year and 34th overall for Force, which now has nine of the 10 fastest races in Top Fuel history. The Stellar Race also allows Force, a two-time winner in 2022, to track ET records at 11 different facilities.

    “It cleared up and (team leader David) Grubnic had set a goal and we achieved that goal,” Force said. “We are delighted with this. It was a good solid race and we hope to do two more tomorrow. (I’m) pretty excited to do this race here in Virginia. It’s been 2019 when we were last here, so to be able to come here for the fans and get it rolling and give them a show was awesome. We just want to keep improving and see what we can do on race day.

    Matt Hagan destroyed the track record in Funny Car on Friday.

    NHRA/National Dragster

    Hagan, the Funny Car points leader, also erased the track speed record, reaching the top with a 3.914 at 335.82 in his 11,000 horsepower Smithfield-branded Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. The impressive pass broke the previous track record by nearly 10 mph, putting Hagan, who already has a pair of wins this season, on track for his second No. 1 qualifier this season. In his 300th career start, it would also be the 45th career No. 1 qualifier for the Virginia native.

    “I’m so proud of everyone on this team,” Hagan said. “They are all doing a great job and overall I’m pretty happy with this race. That 335 mph is a representation of how powerful this car is. It’s my 300th career start and we have a new look on the car, so it’s good to be the provisional No.1. I’m lucky to do what we do and it’s just cool to stay for 300 races. There’s such a fine line in these cars and everything has to line up perfectly, but that’s just a testament to (crew chief) Dickie (Venables) and our guys.

    angie smith nhra
    Angie Smith broke the 200 mph barrier in Virginia.

    NHRA/National Dragster

    Smith closed out the day with a pair of Pro Stock Motorcycle records, making history with an outstanding 6.788 to 200.38 on his Denso Auto Parts Buell. It is the first 200 mph motorcycle run in the track’s history and also gave Smith the fastest run at VMP. If that holds, it would be Smith’s second career No. 1 qualification as she seeks to claim her first win of the 2022 season.

    “It was very exciting to go 200 mph,” Smith said. “I love this facility and we come here to test often, and it’s just a great track. I’d say it’s my second home and it was a good race. Hopefully we can keep that going. We’re well off the start line and that’s key with these bikes. It’s a very consistent track for us and to see 200 appear on the dash is exciting. You want to put on a good show for the fans.

    Virginia NHRA Nationals

    Friday qualifying

    Friday’s results after the first of three qualifying rounds for the third annual NHRA Virginia National Championships at Virginia Motorsports Park, seventh of 22 events in the NHRA Camping World Drag Racing Series. Qualifying will continue on Saturday for Sunday’s final eliminations.

    Top fuel — 1. Brittany Force, 3.710 seconds, 335.82 mph; 2. Justin Ashley, 3.725, 327.82; 3. Doug Foley, 3.733, 318.69; 4. Doug Kalitta, 3.740, 322.19; 5. Steve Torrence, 3.747, 324.90; 6. Lea Pruett, 3.754, 318.92; 7. Austin Prock, 3.780, 328.38; 8. Mike Salinas, 3.780, 321.81; 9. Millican clay, 3.788, 311.05; 10.Antron Brown, 3.828, 324.90; 11. Shawn Langdon, 3.830, 315.05; 12. Scott Palmer, 3.870, 302.08; 13. Lex Joon, 4.161, 215.41; 14.Josh Hart, 4.181, 203.28; 15. Tony Schumacher, 5.392, 129.32.

    funny car — 1. Matt Hagan, Dodge Charger, 3.914, 335.82; 2. Dale Creasy Jr., loader, 3.974, 319.07; 3.Blake Alexander, Ford Mustang, 4.007, 304.05; 4. John Force, Chevy Camaro, 4.099, 323.58; 5. JR Todd, Toyota Supra, 4.201, 231.24; 6. Tim Wilkerson, Mustang, 6.049, 150.30; 7. Phil Burkart, Chevy Monte Carlo, 6.543, 103.13; 8. Alexis DeJoria, Supra, 6.926, 100.52; 9. Ron Capps, Supra, 7.700, 90.86; 10. Jim Campbell, Charger, 7.949, 81.59; 11. Chad Green, Mustang, 7.997, 78.55; 12. Robert Hight, Camaro, 8.517, 84.37; 13. Mike McIntire, Toyota Camry, 9.936, 83.28; 14. Bob Tasca III, Mustang, 14.830, 61.88.

    Pro Stock Motorcycle — 1. Angie Smith, EBR, 6.788, 200.38; 2.Steve Johnson, Suzuki, 6.826, 198.12; 3. Matt Smith, Suzuki, 6.827, 199.32; 4. Jim Underdahl, Suzuki, 6.828, 197.28; 5. Angelle Sampey, Suzuki, 6.854, 197.36; 6. Eddie Krawiec, Suzuki, 6.868, 196.79; 7. Karen Stoffer, Suzuki, 6.871, 196.13; 8. Joey Gladstone, Suzuki, 6.875, 195.25; 9. Marc Ingwersen, EBR, 6.897, 197.05; 10. Ryan Oehler, EBR, 6.932, 198.15; 11. Ron Tornow, Victory, 6.938, 191.57; 12. Kelly Clontz, Suzuki, 7.069, 189.58; 13. Lance Bonham, Buell, 7.147, 187.44; 14.Jianna Evaristo, Suzuki, 7.408, 153.65.

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