BSA back on December 4 with a new bike; Probably RE 650 Rival


BSA is expected to bring a retro-themed 650 cc motorcycle to compete with the Royal Enfield Interceptor and Continental GT 650 among others

BSA Company is part of Classic Legends (Mahindra has significant stakes) just like Jawa Motorcycles and Yezdi and it will be relaunched in the UK on December 4, 2021. It has been made official on the brand’s social media profiles and a teaser has been released. followed suit. saying ‘Return of a legend. We have evolved, but our DNA remains unchanged ”.

In October 2016, Mahindra Group purchased stakes in BSA for £ 3.4 million. The Jawa motorcycle brand made its comeback at the end of 2018, debuting with Jawa, Jawa 42 and Perak while the Yezdi is expected to return by early next year in India. However, the same cannot be said of the BSA, as it could only be sold in developed markets like the UK.

The British company could work on a line of retro-themed motorcycles true to its route with more modern features and technology. Not so long ago, a mysterious test mule of a mid-capacity motorcycle was spotted on Indian roads with a large-capacity single-cylinder engine with familiar mechanics like Jawa.

Maybe he’s the one who hid the first BSA motorcycle for a very long time. According to recent reports, a brand new 650cc powertrain has been developed by BSA and it will start selling in the UK first in small quantities before expanding its wing. The most interesting thing is that the motorcycle will be manufactured speculatively in India taking advantage of the lower costs involved in sourcing the components locally.

The next range of BSA motorcycles could be assembled abroad and a dedicated assembly line would have been set up at the Pithampur plant. The all new BSA motorcycle could be a classic themed model that could rival the Royal Enfield 650 Twins and tourers / cruisers from Kawasaki and Triumph.

BSA rose to prominence during WWII and was one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world at the time. Classic Legends has secured £ 4.6million in funding from the UK government. also to establish a technical and design center.

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