BSB: Specsavers Suzuki moves to British Superbikes

With the entry of the Specsavers Suzuki team into the premier class of British motorcycle racing, it also means a new rider entering the class which is this rider, Leon Jeacock.

The Specsavers Suzuki team debuted last year in the Pirelli National Superstock class and has now made the leap to the Superbike class.

Specsavers Suzuki is associated with British Superbike race winners Hawk Racing, the official Suzuki team of the British Bennetts Superbike Championship.

Jeacock said: “It is a great privilege to join BSB. Having started in 2011 in the Superstock 600 National Championship, my only goal has always been to compete in the Superbike class, so to finally have a chance is amazing.

“I have to thank Specsavers for this opportunity. I’ve been a test rider for Buildbase Suzuki for a few years and work full time for them so I’ve always found before that testing the Superbike and then coming back to the Superstock at every meeting was To be able to focus on one bike for the season is going to be amazing.

“I’ve been working behind the scenes with Loughborough University Training and Nutrition Support and I’ll be at my best for the season.”

Anthony Moore, who manages the team alongside competing in the Superstock class, commented: “2021 was our first season in the National Series for the team and Specsavers so moving up to the Superbike class this year is a dream come true. for me and an exciting way to promote the brand.

“We will take up this new challenge with the experience of Hawk Racing, thanks to our partnership. Their knowledge and expertise of the Suzuki will make a huge difference to our debut in the Superbike class and without their support this wouldn’t be possible as they will be servicing our bikes and helping with our set up in the garage for the season. I want to thank Steve Hicken and his team for their hard work behind the scenes.

“Last season was a big learning curve for me as a driver, especially with the condensed schedule. It was also my first season in the national series and I knew it was going to be tough compared to what I was used to club races.

“My target was to qualify for the laps and I was happy to have qualified for all but two. I rode particularly well on the tracks I had never been before, and smoothed out the others towards the end. Sadly, I finished my season early due to injury, but I’m ready to continue my progress as a rider and I’ll try to move up a few places in the standings this year.

“Our aim is to progress in the Superbike and Superstock categories throughout the season and bring our experience and development into 2023.”

Image: Specsavers Suzuki

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