Call to find the log of a burnt out motorcycle


THE owner of a motorbike found set on fire in Cork City asks for help in finding a logbook of the motorcycle adventures that was on the motorbike when it was stolen.

Brian Leonard said the red-covered notebook contained entries from every trip he took on the bike, including the date and duration of the spin. He also recorded any maintenance or repairs that had been performed on the bike.

And he says that even if the notebook is worth nothing to someone else, it is priceless to him. It had been stored in a box attached to the Honda MD90 when it was stolen from UCC on Sunday.

But when the bike was picked up Monday afternoon in Knocknaheeny, the box and two saddlebags were missing from the vehicle.

Mr Leonard, from Meath, said he had similar notebooks for his other motorcycles.

He said:

“The notebook is of no use to anyone else, but it is of great value to me. It would be the icing on the cake for me to find it.

He traveled to Cork earlier Monday afternoon to retrieve the bike. He had brought the vehicle to Cork just over a week ago to be used by his son, who is a student in the city.

The bike had been secured with a steering lock and a lock and chain, which the thieves were able to take down before escaping with it.

Brian says he intends to refurbish the bike.

Although in the well-known red and white colors associated with Honda 50 vehicles, it was a unique bike as Brian fitted it with red saddlebags made from old army ammo boxes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Brian on 087 3505380.

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