Child ‘unable to sleep’ as Northamptonshire bicycle thefts leave family ‘shattered’


The theft of off-road motorcycles in Northamptonshire has left a child ‘unable to sleep’ in an incident the family calls a ‘soul destroyer’.

On September 2, between 1 and 6 a.m., a burglar entered a house on Manor Road in Rothwell.

During the heist, three motorcycles were stolen – two Yamaha DTR 125s and a Suzuki RM 125, which was later recovered nearby.

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Two helmets and a set of keys were also taken in the incident.

Elouise Botterill, 39, said the atmosphere in the house was “heartbreaking” after the theft and that it was “more than just bicycles”.

Her 12-year-old son, who has mental health problems, has moved on to live with his grandmother because he “cannot bear” to stay at home.

She said, “They broke into our man cave to enter the house, ripped the entire top of the window to enter, and forced the door to open.

“They unlocked the back garage door and took the three bikes, along with a helmet and our front door key.

“A bike, we ended up hiding down the road in some bushes, but the other two and the helmet are still missing.

Family ‘heartbroken’ over burglary

“It devastated our family, especially my 12 year old who already has mental health issues and my partner too.

“We watched every day and night. I am constantly sharing on Facebook trying to get as much coverage as possible.

“I’m not giving up, they have ruined more than they think.”

Elouise said the family “didn’t hear a thing” because the dog didn’t bark, but they believe the thief knew where the bikes were stored.

They found the black Yamaha stickers “ripped off and thrown in the bushes” on the roundabout near Spinney Industrial Estate in Northampton.

She said: “My 19 year old son is still very angry, my 12 year old son cannot sleep and wants to stay downstairs because he is afraid it will happen again.

“My three-year-old keeps asking where the bikes are. My partner, their father, is broken and his sanity has deteriorated.

“He thinks he let us down as they invaded our home, our safe place and his destructive soul. They took more than the bikes that night, they took our safety.

“To think that they were in the house, where our boys sleep, I just can’t say – it’s devastating.”

“It has affected us financially as well and it will take a long time to get back to normal if we ever do.”

The family was restoring the white Yamaha DT125R with the model “quite sought after” and “the only one in this condition in Northamptonshire”.

A distinctive helmet was also stolen
A distinctive helmet was also stolen

Elouise has also received messages from people on Facebook who claim to have spotted the bikes in the Kingsthorpe, Kings Heath and Blackthorn areas of Northampton.

A Northamptonshire Police spokesperson confirmed that a man had been arrested in connection with the incident.

They said: “A 35-year-old Northampton man arrested in connection with the burglary has been released under investigation.

“Anyone with information about the incident or the location of any of the stolen property is asked to call 101, regarding incident reference 21000509667.”

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