Custom motorcycles: Honda Supercub X – built by Motocicli Aud …

Unpretentious, tucked away on the (huge) Honda booth at EICMA 2021, we found a charming little custom Supercub; Redesigned for pure off-road riding, a custom all-terrain C125 was built and dubbed the Honda Supercub X by Motocicli Audaci.

The first thoughts after finding the little off-roader were if we were about to witness a daring limited run of the Japanese Big Red Wing – reality, unfortunately, doesn’t always work like this.

Turns out, the Honda Italia division reached out to custom bike builders Motocicli Audaci, giving them carte blanche to re-imagine the 125 Cub in Supercub X you see here. The only condition was to have two seats!

Although many Supercubs have spent their days off-road as ‘Chicken Hunters’, this one is specially designed by the ‘MAAN – Motocicli Audaci – Audacious Motorcycles’ team from Cagliari, Italy.

As the founder of ‘Dust’ n Sardinia ‘, an annual 3-day, over 300 mile trek through southern Sardinia to raise money for charity, Nicola Manca and the team wanted to keep the DNA the same, but tweaking a few parts for more elegance and off-road balance.

Equipped with crampons, an Öhlins rear shock, grippy ankles and a “Duster mode” for pure off-roading, the Supercub X is not only a looker, it is well placed for a passage off the trails. beaten.

Honda Supercub X – video of Honda Italia

Keeping the frame and engine intact, CAD and 3D printing was used to fabricate parts that attach to OEM mounting points, like the carbon composite side panels and the custom raised exhaust integrated into the side panel fairing. .

The front coupe is a tribute to the enduro era, with a disc brake cover and a lower placed one piece headlight, with a license plate holder above, giving it an enduro edge. net to bombard the trails.

The ducktail rear is apparently inspired by the Porsche RS, with the paintwork and stripes paying homage to the German automaker as well.

The result is fantastic engineering that feels like a ton of fun. Rumor has it that the MAAN team is working on a follow-up project.

More information, including an interview with the manufacturer, can be found on the BikeBound website.

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