Driver accused of causing fatal crash told trial he didn’t expect motorcycle to overtake


Driver accused of killing a biker while making an “unexpected” U-turn at a busy roundabout told trial he stopped the maneuver when he saw the motorcycle in his rearview mirror .

Adam Rose died after his Kawasaki motorcycle hit the back of Cameron Gibbs’ car at the A48 roundabout in Margam.

Gibbs, a worker at Tata Steel, denies causing the death of the father of five by reckless driving. The 27-year-old testified from the witness stand on the second day of his trial at Swansea Crown Court.

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The ground worker and plant operator told the court that on July 16, 2019, he was back in Tata after working off-site on a tank. He said that after finding the road to the steelworks blocked by an unrelated collision, he parked at the A48 Margam roundabout bus stop to phone work.

In response to questions from his lawyer Robin Rouch, the defendant said that after waiting for an appropriate space in traffic, he pulled out of the parking area with the intention of making a U-turn and enter the roundabout. Behind him at the time was a Tesco delivery van that was also heading towards Pyle.

The collision occurred near the bus stop on the A48 roundabout in Margam

Gibbs told the jury he walked a short distance before preparing to turn around and enter the roundabout. He said at this point he checked his rearview mirror and saw a motorcycle overtake the Tesco van behind him.

Mr. Rouch asked: “What did you do when you saw the motorcycle? The defendant told the court: “Slowly braked and stopped the maneuver. “

Mr. Rouch then said: “Did you expect to see the motorcycle? Gibbs replied, “No.”

Gibbs told the court he couldn’t say if he had indicated as he was preparing to turn around and was unable to estimate the speed of the oncoming motorcycle. He said “a few seconds” after seeing the bike, he felt the collision take place.

Mr Rouched asked him, “When you got out of the parking lot, did you think it was safe to do this?” The defendant said he did and added in response to a later question that he believed the Tesco van was a safe distance behind him.

According to the prosecution, the U-turn maneuver undertaken by Gibbs was “neither necessary nor required” in the circumstances and constituted a violation of the rules of the road. The prosecution claims that by performing his maneuver, his driving fell below the standard expected of a safe and competent driver.

The court has previously heard that Mr Rose, of Porthcawl, suffered traumatic injuries in the crash and was initially treated at the scene by a leave of absence police officer and another biker who arrived shortly after the crash . He was then treated by paramedics before being rushed to Morriston Hospital and surgery. On July 22, he went into cardiac arrest and although his blood circulation was restored, he suffered severe brain damage. His condition deteriorated the following week and he died on July 29.

Gibbs, of Cefn Coed Road, Cwmavon, Port Talbot, denies causing the death by reckless driving and the trial continues.

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