Everything we know about the Yamaha E01 electric scooter

Yamaha has filed a patent application for the concept vehicle, which was shown at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, and it’s starting to come to fruition. The Yamaha E01 was adapted to large-scale production requirements before filing the patent application. While the E01 was true to its concept, some design and feature changes were made to make it suitable for mass production. Although Yamaha isn’t ready to fully take off, the photo submitted with the patent application has surfaced online. It looks like Yamaha is ready to go green with the new model. The refresh of the concept model is a combined effort of Yamaha’s scooter and EV technologies.

Unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019, the design concept presented by Yamaha is close to becoming a production vehicle. The Japanese brand has also filed a patent on the E01 model. With a few changes made to the concept design to meet production requirements, Yamaha is ready to take the next step.

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The concept that inspired the E01

The launch of the Yamaha E01
Via TopSpeed

The Yamaha E01 will be an urban commuter model intended to provide superior comfort when traveling from one area of ​​the city to another. The E01 uses the combined technologies of Manufacture of Yamaha electric vehicles and scooters. Yamaha has yet to reveal the full specifications and design capabilities of the vehicle. It promises that it will bring functionality for everyday use and extreme ride quality that surpasses conventional scooters. In addition to excellent comfort, the E01 features a design that highlights the latest generation of sporty style.

Sleek battery and performance

A Yamaha E01 charging from an outlet
Via Yamaha engine

The E01 has a non-removable lithium-ion battery, which should provide superior battery life. The production scooter will stay true to its concept-based design, making changes only in areas where the concept model fails to justify the needs of the production market. The E01 is said to have an electric motor which could produce an output power of 15 HP. The market and electric vehicle enthusiasts around the world expect a scooter that is better than Yamaha’s previous models.

An exceptional design

The test of a Yamaha E01 scooter
Via RideApart

The E01 is shown to have a conventional plastic body design with orthodox cloth seats above. The enlarged rear view mirror, license plate holder, which replaced the shark fin on the rear fender in concept designs, and conventional front fender enhance overall practicality. The futuristic look of the maxi-scooter was retained, with signature Yamaha quirks like the projector-style headlights under the front hood. The loading slot has been cleverly positioned on the front of the apron. It is designed to look like a masked headlight and blend in with the design. Additionally, a prominent underside section is used to house the battery.

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Comfort and Convenience Features

The front view of the Yamaha E01
Via Yamaha engine

A simple, fully digital LCD instrument console displays all crucial information such as battery status and speed. Among the indicator lights on display is a model that displayed a cellphone signal, hinting at the Bluetooth smartphone integration on the vehicle. Other expected features include keyless ignition and multiple driving modes. 13-inch alloys on both sides, telescopic forks up front and twin shock absorbers in the rear, plus ABS-equipped disc brakes, provide superior ride comfort.

Yamaha has yet to reveal performance and price ranges for the E01. More details regarding the EV will be made available to the public in the near future. The E01 is expected to hit the markets next year, and Yamaha will likely start producing the vehicle once the patent is in order. As the automotive market learns more and more about electric vehicles, all the major brands are busy researching new and efficient ways to design electric vehicles.

Yamaha hopes that the E01 will become a success in the market with the latest technologies incorporated into the vehicle.

Overall, the concept vehicle shown at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show is moving closer to reality. The latest technologies combine Yamaha’s experience as a scooter manufacturer with the latest technologies developed for the electric vehicle sector. Yamaha hasn’t fully disclosed, so most of the news coming out is mostly an educated guess based on photos submitted for patent, which have surfaced online.

The photos left bike enthusiasts and experts curious for additional details of the E01. With what Yamaha has said so far and the similarities between the 2019 concept vehicle and the design submitted for patent, it’s safe to say that the Yamaha E01 will be a unique electric vehicle with supreme features and high comfort. EV proponents are also waiting for the new Yamaha E01, and the automaker is expected to release more information about the vehicle once the patent is cleared.

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