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“The Toyota Sera was the first car I got to know very well. When she arrived here, I had spent several days with her. There was no other car that excited me as much as the Sera. from childhood until now; they excite me and always stimulate me. I just don’t remember how I became such a passionate vehicle lover, “says John Alukka, Managing Director of Jose Alukkas. Here John speaks to Onmanorama on his passion and his vehicles.

Started with cleaning
“My first step was not to drive a vehicle but to clean one. The drivers never allowed me to drive the vehicles. When the wash was done, they gave me driving tips. It was the beginning. I believe vehicles should also be kept clean, as should our homes and rooms. Once I learned to drive it became an exciting business, ”he said.

First step in high school
“I started with a scooter. I fell off the scooter four times, the learning quest helped me overcome these setbacks. The first attempt to drive a car was made when I was studying in class 8 or 9 . These times it is almost impossible to get the vehicles rolling; you have to ask the drivers several times to even allow you to hold the steering. However, due to my constant harassment, they were showing me how to change gears. and hit the throttle. But I’ve never had I’m a vehicle-loving person, but I haven’t found a thrill in the speed, “he said.

First car
“I learned to drive in a Premier Padmini. Cars were scarce at the time. The arrival of a First Padmini at home was a big celebration for me. After learning to ride a scooter a man came over and hit the car and my driving came to a complete stop for a while. And I continued to clean and wash the cars, ”he said.

Maruti says
“A Maruti Esteem was my first car. The joy I felt when I got it was beyond words. I had made a lot of modifications to it and also participated in the Popular Rally. The car has a lot of stories like this to tell. But it was canceled after he encountered an accident at a popular rally and considered a total loss, “he said.

Toyota Will
“I was a huge sports car fan from that point on. It can rightly be called a passion. My father and brothers brought a Toyota Sera from Dubai. It was the first car from Dubai. sport of my life. At that time it was a big thing; I didn’t even sleep for the first five-six days. The next to arrive was a Honda CR-X sports car. Sports cars were very few in number, specially imported sports cars and they were instantly drawn to the crowd. Later several more cars were brought in from outside, “he said.

Favorite Prado
“My favorite car was a Toyota Prado. It was imported from Japan and was with us for about 12 years. It drove about 3.5 lakh kilometers during that time. She traveled across the country. The Prado was the companion constant on business trips outside Kerala so much so that I even sometimes slept inside. If you ask when what is my favorite car is the Prado. She saved my life life even in accidents, ”he said.

Second Lamborghini
“My first Lamborghini was a Gallardo. The second was a Huracan which is always with me. The Lamborghini is every car lover’s favorite brand. I was delighted when I got the first Lamborghini. was encouraged to buy a second one due to the support of Lamborghini India. The Huracan is my favorite among my current fleet of cars. It was a different feeling. It’s not the speed but the driving after fully understanding the vehicle which is more pleasant. I attend all the events organized by Lamborghini, it was in Rajasthan the last time. The bringing together of Lamborghini owners is very interesting, “he said.

Daily driving
“For several reasons it is difficult to use the Lamborghini on a daily basis. The Porsche 911 is my daily driving. It is not because the Lamborghini has flaws, but I have to take into account the difficulties of parking and the fact that ‘it attracts people, ”he said. .

Mahindra Thar
“I love off-road trips. There is a Mahindra Thar for this purpose. I do such trips every now and then,” he said.

First bike
“The first bike I bought was a Suzuki Samurai. I still remember going to Ooty on the bike. It took four days from Thrissur, with frequent breaks and tours along the way. also love my sports bikes; there are two in my garage, ”he said.

“The garage was built during the first lockdown. It has a vehicle-based theme. There is a front end of a Jeep as part of the cafe in front of the garage; a wheel hub from a truck became the There is also a mini theater behind the garage; it uses the hood of a Maruti 800 and the grille of a Gipsy; the piston pin of a truck has become a table, ”he said. he adds.


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