Get the Yamaha YBR bike on installments with no markup

Yamaha is one of the leading motorcycle brands in Pakistan. The company has gained great popularity for its YBR 125 bicycle and its variants in the local market. Since the prices of Yamaha bikes in Pakistan are quite high, bike users keep an eye out for affordable shopping options to get their hands on quality Yamaha bikes. With the recent announcement of the Yamaha bike installment 0 markup plan has taken consumers by storm. We received many requests to share the real story behind the company’s announcement. Here, we’ve gathered all the details to help you figure out your next move.

Yamaha Bike Installment 0 Bonus Plan

Recently, Yamaha Motor Co. posted an announcement on the official social media page claiming to offer brand customers a 0 markup installment plan to purchase Yamaha bikes. According to the news, customers will have to pay a fifty percent deposit in the initial stage. You can pay the remaining amount in a total of four months. The company has energized the automotive news industry with this amazing offer.

It is important to mention that Yamaha Motor Co. has introduced this offer for a limited time. The company is working to liquidate its inventory at dealerships in Pakistan. Since Yamaha bikes are priced relatively higher than other bikes in the market, users can avail this offer to split the payment burden in a few months.

Here is the official announcement:

“For a limited time only, Yamaha Motor Pakistan is offering a 0% markup on a four month payment plan when you purchase a Yamaha motorcycle. Reserve your new Yamaha today and enjoy the savings! Visit now! Terms and conditions of application*.”

The reason behind the 0 markup offer

While that might be good news for many Yamaha fans, the company didn’t roll out the offer as a relief to customers. Like other bike brands, Yamaha has also faced a crucial sales period over the past year. Bicycle sales have plummeted due to rising inflation. While the Yamaha bike installment 0 markup plan may take some of the burden off customers’ shoulders, the company aims to increase its bike sales in Pakistan. According to PAMA, Yamaha Motor Co. has sold about 2,500 units in the past few months. The same period last year saw bicycle sales of around 4,000 units.

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