Here’s how the Ducati Panigale stacks up against the competition


Ducati is a brand known for being one of the best motorcycle manufacturers in the industry. They produce incredibly powerful bikes, like the Panigale. La Panigale has been given a makeover over the years. It went from a 1,299cc V-twin engine to a V4. So, you can only imagine how much more powerful the latest 2018 edition is.

Given that they produce some of the most powerful bikes in the industry, one would assume they have no problem beating the competition. However, there are a few rides that come close to it.

Let’s take a closer look at the Ducati Panigale and its competitors.

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The engine of the Ducati Panigale is super powerful

Ducati Panigale

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The latest edition of the Ducati Panigale is the 2018 V4, which has a V4 engine (which is pretty obvious from the name). Unlike his rival, he is much more powerful and unlike any other. For example, its two closest competitors could be considered the Honda CBR1000RR-R and the BMW S 1000 RR; both offer smaller engines.

Curiously, its two rivals have the same engine, a 999 cc inline four cylinder. The BMW 1000 RR is slower, at 125 mph. However, the Honda CBR1000RR-R claims 186 mph, which is one mph more than the Ducati Panigale. That’s right; the Panigale can reach an impressive speed of 185 mph, which is insane speed for a motorcycle. While the Honda may be one mph faster at its top speed, it is not more powerful.

Thanks to the V4 engine, the Ducati Panigale can reach a maximum of 231 hp, leaving the Honda behind with a maximum power of 215. While the BMW 1000 RR offers a maximum of 199 hp.

The convenience of the Ducati Panigale doesn’t stop with performance

Ducati Panigale

Via: Wikimedia

Convenience and specifications don’t end with performance. Despite being all-powerful, fast and powerful, Ducati’s new edition of the Panigale is much more comfortable than before.

Ducati’s Panigale models were known to be quite uncomfortable, which did not prove to be ideal for long riders or races. Thus, the new model has a racing seat, which offers the pilot much more comfort than ever before. It is more comfortable thanks to its non-slip materials, which prevent the rider from slipping around on steep turns and steep slopes. The racing seat is an additional price, but it would be worth it if you are looking for a performance and practical bike. The additional functionality would cost you an additional $ 277.

Another addition to the new model of the Ducati Panigale which improves its comfort and convenience is its adjustable aluminum footrests. These look great and also serve a great purpose. They can be placed in different positions, which is useful for riders who like to discover the best footrest position for their body and riding style.

Rivals of the Ducati Panigale don’t seem to offer such practical features. For example, the BMW 1000 RR is a performance-oriented motorcycle. The BMW team seems to have focused more on performance than anything else. Yet it still does not outperform the performance of the Ducati Panigale. The BMW seat uses sporty materials, which are not grippy. In addition, the footrests are not adjustable like those of the Ducait. Ducati seemed to have thought of everything for his Panigale.

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Long lasting features also contribute to its safety and convenience

Ducati Panigale


Ducati has really thought of everything. It can be common for bikes to not last as long as riders had hoped due to puncture of the oil cooler over time from excessive heat. However, Ducati offers an additional oil cooler to ensure the longevity of the Panigale. The oil mesh cooler is made of anodized aluminum, which guarantees its strength and durability.

Its competitors offer oil-cooled engines, but not the additional protective mesh cooler. Thus, the Panigale offers increased reliability and longevity.

The Ducati Panigale is known to be a safe motorcycle even for beginners. Although it is powerful, its comfort, fit and convenience make it ideal for all riders. It also offers driving aids, such as ABS and anti-wheelie control, which will allow any new rider to feel and ride safely on the roads.

In our opinion, the Ducati Panigale is a fairly savvy motorcycle. Whatever your experience as a biker, the Panigale is sure to meet your needs. It is safe and comfortable, which is ideal for new riders. Still, it’s powerful and fast, which is sure to meet the needs of experienced pilots who like to zoom in on the race track. It is getting closer to its rivals, but its performance sets the Panigale apart.

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