Here’s what we love about the Honda Interstate lineup



Honda produced exceptional cars and motorcycles in their time. If you’re familiar with their line of motorcycles, you’ve probably heard of Interstate bikes. These touring bikes have been around since 2009. Honda’s first Interstate bike to be released was the Interstate VT1300CT. Since Honda launched many other Interstate models, the latest being the 2015 Interstate.

There are many reasons why Honda’s Interstate bikes stand out. First, they are great all-round bikes designed for touring or everyday riding. They have excellent engines, immense comfort and an elegant design. There’s really nothing bad to say about the Interstate lineup.

On that note, here’s what we love about Honda’s Interstate lineup.

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Honda highways are built with customers in mind

Honda Interstate Bike

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The Honda Interstate lineup claims a purpose, or versatile we should say. Bikes are designed for hiking as well as everyday riding. Therefore, it shows that they have thought of the customer when designing these bikes. Everything from the exterior design to the engine and mechanics has been designed to suit both driving styles.

The latest model released in 2015 features a 1312cc liquid-cooled SOHC V-twin engine and a five-speed manual transmission that keeps everything under control. The elongated fuel tank and spacious floors make Interstate bikes a dream to ride. Not only are they powerful, reaching up to 115 mph and 74 hp, but they give the rider plenty of room to feel comfortable on long trips. After all, they’re designed for them.

Likewise, the space and power of the bike are also perfect for city journeys. It’s easy to handle thanks to its low-end torque and powerful disc brakes, making it safe and smooth no matter what speed you choose to go. Every detail has been combed through and carefully thought out to please its client.

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Honda Highways come with stylish designs and absolute comfort

Honda Interstate bike black

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To be a good bike, it has to perform well. If a bike looks like part of it too, then that’s an added bonus. You can tell Honda has thought of every little detail for its Interstate lineup, because even the exterior is pleasing to the eye.

Interstate models feature chrome fork covers and color-matched frames, which makes the bikes stand out from the crowd and are very attractive to look at. In addition, Interstate bikes also feature sleek windshields and full-size floors for a personalized and luxurious look.

For added comfort, Interstate models feature a lowered saddle and heel-toe shifter to make the riding experience super smooth, convenient and seamless.

In our opinion, Honda’s Interstate lineup is impressive from start to finish. Throughout their years of production, the team has thought of every detail to produce some of the best bikes in their line. The Honda Interstate is packed with features that make your driving enjoyable, from a city ride to a two-state ride.

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