Here’s what we love about the Kawasaki Z1000


Kawasaki certainly made a statement by creating the exceptional Z1000. Sportbike immediately caught the attention of all motorcycle enthusiasts, whether they are sports motorcycle enthusiasts or not. Colored in sleek black with a touch of green, orange or bright red, the Z1000 was a refreshing model in the overcrowded market. It still is – thanks to a few tweaks over the years.

First introduced in 2003, the Kawasaki Z1000 is a great successor to the Z-series from 1972. We all know it for its immense power and impeccable design, but there is more to it than its looks. In this article, find out why we still love the awesome Kawasaki Z1000 and what are the reasons to have one even after all these years.

We break down all the important specifications and guide you to the latest models of this great sports bike.

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Back to history and Kawasaki Z1000 models

1997 Kawasaki Z1000

It is quite interesting to observe the evolution of the Z1000 over the years. The model has undergone quite a few styling changes but still retained its impressive sporty look that continues to amaze riders around the world. It’s the number one reason we love it, and we didn’t even make it halfway down our list.

After the introduction of the Kawasaki Z series in 1972, the Z1000 made a big entry in 2003 as a streetfighter. Until 2006, the model featured a total displacement of 953 cc, maximum torque of 71 lb-ft, and a top speed of around 158 mph. These are impressive specs that Kawasaki changed only slightly from 2007 to 2009, introducing higher torque and a cast aluminum engine subframe along the initial high strength steel tubes.

If we look at the period from 2010 to 2016, the torque has been increased even more to 82 lb-ft and the design has been enhanced with the twin-tube aluminum frame. More importantly, the liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine has remained the same over the years, ensuring fast performance at all times.

A nude version of a wild design and an affordable price tag

Kawasaki Z1000

Via: Flickr

Design wise, the Kawasaki Z1000 is bold and attractive at first glance. This naked bike feels lower than it sits, providing an upright riding position and a sleek look at the same time. Then there is also a front headlight console with a set of LEDs to look like human eyes. Add the even lower indicators to the equation and you have a truly intimidating street bike.

Now what makes this story even better is the price of the Z1000. You can find them between $ 2,000 and $ 10,000, which is quite reasonable given the competition. Granted, the newer models are more expensive, but you can enjoy the older ones for around $ 5,000. They are no less impressive in terms of design and performance.

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Driving and handling the Kawasaki Z1000

Considering the design, it’s not hard to conclude that the Z1000 offers easy handling and a pleasant ride. The fact that the bike is not as good as other bikes of a similar class only means that it is easier to maneuver, especially in the city. In addition, the bike is neither too high nor too low, ensuring a comfortable sitting position for most riders. As long as you don’t plan on doing XC, you will be more than happy with it, although the Z1000 may surprise you in this area as well.

Considering all of this, we love the Z1000 for both its power and its design. Purring the streets with a liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine and catching the eyes of fellow riders with a provocative design, the Kawasaki Z1000 is still the choice of many enthusiasts.

What to expect from Kawasaki in 2021?

Kawasaki Ninja Z1000

via wallpaper cave

The big Japanese manufacturer presented the latest version of the Z1000 in 2021, and it will appeal to all fans of sports motorcycles. The updated version doesn’t differ too much from the previous ones in terms of horsepower, with a liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine, peak torque of 82 lb-ft and a total displacement of 1,043cc. What we love is its provocative design.

The 2021 Kawasaki Z1000, also known as Z Spirit, comes with a new paint scheme. It is complemented by red stripes on the side and the two wheels, which makes the initial fierce design even more effective. If you are ready to change your life without changing your favorite motorcycle brand, this updated model could be a perfect choice. Indeed, it exceeds $ 10,000 but is well worth the extra penny.

While there are a lot of things to like about the Z1000 models through 2016, the Z Spirit is brutal in appearance and functionality. Those looking for adventure in this time of global uncertainty will certainly enjoy riding on the all new Kawasaki sport motorcycle.

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