Hero Sport and Adventure bikes could have a liquid-cooled engine

Motor looks like a good liquid cooled unit

Hero develops 1 sports bike and 2 adventure bikes, road and off-road oriented

Earlier, we gave you a sneak peek at Hero MotoCorp’s upcoming sport and adventure bikes. You can check the same here. At that time, there was confusion as to whether Hero had borrowed the engine from the recently launched Honda CB300F or not.

Now, to clear things up, we have some more photos of the bikes, this time revealing the engine. It looks like a real liquid-cooled unit and looks nothing like the air-cooled grinder of the CB300F.

Hero Sport And Adventure Bikes Rear Offroad Tire
The off-road adventure bike has dual-purpose tires

As for the engine displacement, while many reports online claim it is a single cylinder and displaces 300cc, we are unable to determine that figure at this time. Adventure bikes, for example, look huge, and a simple 300 doesn’t justify the size.

Without a big name like KTM or BMW to support the company in engine technology, it’s almost inevitable for Hero to play the displacement game like Royal Enfield who always think big engines at the development stage themselves.

We think the engine could displace 450cc as Hero already has a motorsport machine with the same displacement. Hero output numbers are always modest and so a 450 makes perfect sense to take on the competition that is already over 40 horsepower.

Hero Sport and Adventure Bikes Offroad Tire Side
Split seat is sculpted as a one-piece unit

With Royal Enfield brewing a 450cc Himalayan, it, again, makes perfect sense for Hero to opt for a 450cc mill. But, contrary to our expectations, if Hero goes ahead with a 300 as online reports say, it has to do a lot of work to catch up with the competition.

Also, from the recent spy shots, we learned that Hero is preparing 3 bikes, sport bike, road oriented adventure bike and offroad oriented adventure bike like Xtreme 200S, Xtreme 200T and Xtreme 200 4V.

While the adventure bikes get USD forks upfront, the sport bike gets regular dropper units. However, all bikes feature a monoshock mounted on a boxed swingarm in the rear. While the adventure bikes have spoke wheels, the sport bike has angled alloy wheels.

Hero Sport And Adventure Bikes Rear Road Tire
The road-focused adventure bike has regular road tires

When it comes to the design of adventure bikes, they have a typical adventure tourer look with a front beak. The front is raised and ends with the large windshield. The handlebars are angled towards the rider for comfortable ergonomics. RVMs are mounted on the handlebars.

The seat is a split unit with no raised design. The bikes have big panels all around and should look huge in the flesh like the Ducati Multistrada. The rear is very raised with a long bib.

As for the design of the sports bike, the overall silhouette resembles the Suzuki Gixxer SF. The short windscreen and closed clips are reminiscent of the Suzuki. The RVMs are mounted on the fairing for a sporty look.

Hero Sport And Adventure Bikes Road Tire Side
USB spoked forks and wheels exude adventure

All 3 bikes could be unveiled later this year and the launch will take place next year. Once launched, they are sure to heat up the entry-level premium segment.

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