HMSI: Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India’s 2nd Wind Turbine System in Gujarat Comes into Service

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) announced on Thursday that its second wind turbine system in Bhanvad, Gujarat is in operation, which will help the company meet more than 50% of the energy needs of hybrid renewable resources in its four manufacturing plants. The Bhanvad Wind Turbine System is approximately 350 km from the Vithalapur Two-Wheeler Manufacturing Plant.

Built with an investment of Rs 17.6 crore, Honda will now produce a total of 4.7 MW of wind power, including its first wind turbine system (2 MW capacity) installed in Radhanpur in Gujarat last year. HMSI said in a statement.

“HMSI will now meet more than 50% of the total energy needs of its four manufacturing plants in Manesar (Haryana), Tapukara (Rajasthan), Narsapura (Karnataka) and Vithalapur (Gujarat) from renewable energy resources,” said the company.

HMSI Managing Director, President and CEO, Atsushi Ogata, said: “As a company conscious of its responsibility to society, now and in the future, energy security is a key area for us at Honda. By reducing our thermal energy consumption, HMSI is moving closer to Honda’s long-term environmental vision to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. ”

Stating that the inauguration of the second wind turbine in Gujarat is a further step towards reducing the environmental impact of the company’s products and business activities, he said, “We continue to remain committed in our efforts. to protect the natural environment. ”

HMSI said it harnesses solar and wind power to support future generations and has consistently invested in sustainable resources for power generation.

“Generating nearly 66 MW of electricity each year, all of HMSI’s manufacturing facilities across India harness renewable energy sources to meet the company’s various energy needs,” he added.

For fiscal year 20-21, HMSI generated over 77 million kWh units of electricity from renewable resources while offsetting over 55,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions to the environment, a asserted the company.

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