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Home ownership is now reserved for the wealthy

I found the article on teachers’ accommodation quite sad. But that’s the reality for many families who have been left behind in the housing market right now. Because wealthy investors can use the money to buy houses and then charge exorbitant rents, the market will never improve.

This is especially difficult because you no longer get a large deduction on your taxes for your mortgage payment. So, for average people, home ownership is something only the wealthy can afford now.

Angelique Layton, Louisville

Many hold themselves – not the government – ​​accountable for their own decisions

Our president just pledged to eliminate $300 billion or more in student debt over the next 10 years. Aside from the fact that Congress controls the federal budget, not the President, and working American taxpayers will pay for it, I wonder if I’ll get a refund for my college education.

Many, many people have worked their way through higher education. Many, many people have decided that they can get the right education to meet their needs at in-state colleges and universities without seeking out-of-state bachelor’s degrees at brand name universities and at a much higher cost. . It seems to me, who worked during semester holidays and lived in poverty during my graduate studies, that there were many uninformed or misinformed students who made bad decisions to borrow tens of thousands of dollars without a comprehensive plan on how they will repay the debt with the projected earnings of their chosen profession. It seems to be a problem of education and career guidance. It is also a matter of consumer education.

Others who make poor borrowing decisions shouldn’t be my problem. One of the reasons higher education has become so outrageously expensive is the easy money from government-backed student loans. Only universities and credit institutions benefit from it. And the American taxpayer will be stuck with the tab during this period of inflation fueled by reckless government spending. This is clearly a politically motivated decision by the ruling party to “buy” the votes of young voters. And an unintended consequence for Biden and his party will be the resentment of all the many Americans who have paid their own way, paid off their student loans, and held themselves, not the government (taxpayers), accountable for their own decisions.

Dennis Rodgers, Longmont

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