Honda recalls 300 motorcycles due to melting oil cooler hose

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Overview of the Honda Fireblade SP recall:

  • WHO: Honda is recalling 331 of its 2021 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP motorcycles
  • Why: Motorcycles’ oil cooler outlet pipe can overheat and melt, posing a serious risk to riders and passengers.
  • Or: The recall is national in the United States.

Honda is recalling 331 of its 2021 CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP motorcycles due to an issue with the oil cooler outlet hose that poses a serious risk to riders and passengers.

In one recall notice published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Honda states that under certain conditions the oil cooler hose may melt due to radiant heat from the exhaust pipe.

“A melted oil cooler hose can leak oil, increasing the risk of an accident resulting in injury or death,” according to a service bulletin published by the company.

Honda says that when one of the motorcycles is following behind a vehicle, the exhaust pipe may not receive sufficient airflow and cooling. If that happens, excessive heat radiated from the exhaust pipe could melt and rupture the oil cooler pipe, the company says in the notice.

“Oil leaking from a ruptured oil cooler hose can run down the exhaust pipe and/or adhere to the rear tire, increasing the risk of fire, accident or injury,” the EA says. recall notice. The company is recalling vehicles built from April 28, 2020 through October 4, 2021.

The first report of the problem was in Japan in July 2021. In November, an American driver reported smoke coming from the engine area of ​​his motorcycle while driving on the highway. According to the recall notice, the driver pulled over safely to the side of the road where he noticed oil leaking from the engine area.

Honda investigated the issue and determined that a safety issue existed, prompting the recall. So far, no injuries have been reported in connection with this issue.

Honda will install a heat shield for free

As part of a quality improvement effort, Honda says it will fit a heat shield between the exhaust pipe and the oil cooler pipe on affected vehicles free of charge.

The new part will be used in mass production vehicles in the future from March 2022.

Registered owners will be contacted by mail around March 1 to initially notify them of the issue and advise them not to drive their vehicle over 5,000 rpm in first gear. The letter will also ask owners to contact a Honda Powersports dealership if the vehicle has an oil leak.

Owners will then receive a second letter in the mail advising them of parts availability and to bring their vehicle to a Honda Powersports dealership.

In December, Honda had to call back 725,000 of its late-model Passport, Pilot and Ridgeline vehicles because they suffer from a defect that can cause their hoods to open while driving. The vehicle failsafe is caused by an incorrect gap between the hood and the grille, according to the NHTSAand the resulting problem poses a serious safety concern for drivers.

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