“I like four-stroke bikes a lot, but both strokes stay in my heart” – Valentino Rossi


Recently, Casey Stoner confessed that he doesn’t like four-stroke motorcycles in MotoGP, considering that racing motorcycles must be dangerous. A position different from that held by Valentino Rossi.

Asked at a press conference about his point of view on the Australian’s statements, the veteran of Petronas Yamaha SRT did not hide that he regretted the end of the two-stroke era: “We can talk about it for a long time. I have competed a lot with two-stroke bikes. Of course, two-stroke bikes have great charisma from the outside and also when you ride them. So, because of the noise, the bike is sportier than a four-stroke. But that’s how it is: at a certain point the world changes and MotoGP has switched to four-stroke. I remember it was a shock for me and for all the riders because we loved our 500cc two-stroke.

According to Rossi, motorcycles of the 500cc era were dangerous and exciting, but on the other hand, he also likes current motorcycles and agrees with the evolution that has taken place over the years: “C ‘ It is true that when you drive this motorcycle to the limit you feel uncomfortable while riding because it is very dangerous, especially when accelerating. But it is like that and it is not our choice. I also really like the four stroke, because the current bike is maybe more controllable under acceleration with all the electronics and it’s also incredibly fast, and I think that’s the natural evolution. But the two-stroke remains in my heart and in the heart of any motorcycle fan.

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