Innovator Swobbee will help Piaggio/Honda/KTM/Yamaha develop interchangeable batteries

Remember when we told you about a new global consortium of motorcycle manufacturers, aiming to develop interchangeable batteries for electric motorcycles? Well, this consortium has just grown, adding a new member from outside the motorcycle world, but this new member, a German tech team named Swobbee, has the potential to bring a lot to the table.

When announced in September, the consortium included Piaggio, Honda, KTM and Yamaha. The goal? Develop interchangeable batteries between manufacturers and between platforms.

Committed to promoting the widespread use of light electric vehicles, such as mopeds, scooters, motorcycles, tricycles and quadricycles in the transport sector and to more sustainable battery life cycle management within the framework of international climate policies , the founding members of the Consortium believe that the availability of commonly developed interchangeable battery systems is essential to the development of low voltage electromobility.

EVs with quick-swap batteries could easily replace depleted cells at gas station-type installations, allowing a vehicle to be “refuelled”. The problem is that all manufacturers currently have different specifications for their batteries, even Japanese OEMs who all signed up to a former all-Japanese electric motorcycle consortium.

Perhaps that’s where Swobbee comes in. Berlin-based Swobbee is working on the exact technology the consortium wants: interchangeable electric batteries that work across a variety of vehicles and manufacturers. Officially, according to the Swobbee website:

Swobbee is the efficient solution for the professional operation of small fleets of electric vehicles in the field of sharing, logistics and delivery as well as other electricity-based applications. Our Battery-as-a-Service and Charging-as-a-Service approach enables a simple, convenient and economical transition to electric mobility.

It seems that Swobbee cares less about the development of the batteries themselves (although he may have some influence on these processes). It specializes in designing the infrastructure behind them, including charging and distribution. A look at the Swobbee website shows the kiosk-style quick-exchange stations the company already offers in select cities. This is exactly what the battery-powered bike market needs right now, and if Swobbee commits to the electrification of motorcycles, we are sure to see massive growth in this market in the years to come.

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