Jett & Hunter Lawrence Talk 1-2 Honda HRC Sweep at Fox Raceway 1

What was the sense of urgency when Justin Cooper took the holeshot and you saw Jett chasing him? Looked like you were just playing a few tricks. What was the sense of urgency not to let these guys get away and do a few quick moves, knowing the track was a bit slippery and easy to make a mistake? How difficult was it?
Hunter: Very. I’m like, “I need to catch these guys as fast as I can.” Just try not to let them get away. I just tried to go as fast as possible. It was hard. The track was very… there were so many lines, but it was definitely a line in the sense that the fastest line around the track worked the best. So it was tough.

A fantastic start. It all came to you. You made some smart decisions today, but can you think of a time when you were like, “Man, that was stupid?” Were there any mistakes you made yourself or did you force the issue?
Hunter: Actually, no. I’m happy with how it started. Obviously, I would have improved my start, you know, prepared the gate a little differently. But that’s about the only thing I would change, really. Both bikes, I was doing my best. I’m healthy, fit, love cycling and ready for Hangtown next week.

Jett, you got second place in both motos. I looked so close in that second one. You were almost side by side. You got tricked by Romano in that second. Was it a shock to see the rookie up there in front?
Jett Lawrence: No, not really. Every once in a while you get a little lucky. The blind squirrel finds an acorn. These bikes are pretty fast, so that helps. I was pumped. To be second, second at the two starts, it’s like a hole for me, I feel. Obviously I had Justin first and at first like you said I was kind of playing around just kind of to see where I could find him and then I found the place. I’ve been putting it in the same spot the last three races we’ve had there. It’s kind of like my favorite place to pass Justin. Then Romano was able to find a few laps down, but I think it was maybe fourth or fifth, I was able to find a spot and enjoy it. Then from there it was almost difficult because I had to establish a rhythm where I could hold the whole race and not make a mistake. It was hard because I had no one else. I have a little gap and then you ride on your own. So you kinda get bored and that kind of stuff. Made a few mistakes but managed to get him home safely.

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