Kawasaki revealed the Z1 50 years ago


A few days ago, Kawasaki took to social media to celebrate the Z1. If you remember the Z1 it was released in 1972 and next year it will turn 50.

And Kawasaki posted a recent trailer on social media. It’s just a 21-second video that shows a rather painted photo of the badge on the rear flank of the classic Z1, in its rather memorable Fireball Candy Brown paint scheme.

Since then, motorcycle news channels, blogs and fan pages have looked into the content. Many believed the bike would be launched in Milan, Italy during EICMA 2022, but all hopes have been dashed. Kawasaki revealed new motorcycles, as have other participating brands, but Moto Z was not one of them.

The celebration of the Z50e is making waves among Kawasaki fans, and most can’t wait to see what this Japanese motorcycle maker has in store for 2022. That’s what we know about the Kawasaki Z1 and its 50th anniversary future.

Kawasaki is teasing something big

When we say teaser, it is. There’s not much in the video except for a kick and a camera sweeping left to right over the “900 Double Overhead Camshaft” badge from an original Z1. But fans are in the throes of orgasm, as Kawasaki has promised the Z50th celebration in 2022, and are wondering if the new bike will also have four exhaust pipes like the original?

Since the video, Kawasaki has distributed small information to its fans on social networks, such as: “In 1972, the arrival of the Kawasaki 900 super4 [Z1] makes a big impression. Most fans loved the very retro themed teasers, saying, “Looks like a beauty! My favorite motorcycle builder in the world! Bleeding green baby.

And Kawaski continued with the teasers, explaining how the Z1, in its heyday, was hailed as “stable over 100 MPH”. Of course, Kawasaki was also quick with the warning, “Motorcycle speed test achieved in a controlled environment on a closed course during the original 1972 Kawasaki Z1 press release. Do not attempt.”

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Everything about the Kawasaki Z1

1973 Kawasaki Z1 four-cylinder air-cooled bicycle
Via: Flickr

The legendary Kawasaki Z1 was an air-cooled four-cylinder, chain-drive motorcycle that debuted in 1972, taking on the challenge of the 1968 Honda CB750. It came with a carburetor and dual camshaft in head, the latter being was the first of all Japanese large-capacity motorcycles. This helped heighten the fame of the inline and through-frame four-cylinder motorcycle. This motorcycle format began to be known as the Universal Japanese Motorcycle, or UJM.

The bike had excellent ride quality and more, but what made it a craze and then a legend, as well as the fact that it was also offered at a very affordable price.

Production only lasted until 1975, and by that time an impressive 85,000 units had been sold. The bike itself was called Z1-900, 900 Z1 or 900 S4 (“Super Four”).

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Is there a new Kawasaki Z-Bike in the works?

2022 Kawasaki Z1 50th Anniversary Edition Bike
Via: Instagram

Media speculation suggests that a new Z900RS SE could be on the way and could be introduced with the Fireball Candy Brown-derived paint scheme.

Kawasaki also gave its most recent clue on social media, saying, “As the last letter of the alphabet, Z stands for the ultimate. This is the reason why the Kawasaki 900 super4 was dubbed the Z1. Since then, the Z moniker has been inherited by many other models, developed to be the ultimate machines in their classes ”.

As one fan put it, “stop talking and take my money.”

While it was previously believed that Kawasaki would launch the new Z Motorcycle at EICMA earlier in November, it has come and gone with no news just yet. It seems Kawasaki is playing its cards close to its heart, and the 50th anniversary bike will be released when the time comes.

Meanwhile, there is a lot more enthusiasm at Kawasaki who wants to meet carbon neutrality goals and plans to introduce 10 more electric and / or hybrid models by 2035, to become a more environmentally conscious company. generally.

But fans are still hooked on the Z50th celebrations, and many remember the sound of their fathers’ motorcycles back in the day. Other fans have asked for retro paints, power and more, but a very relevant request remains the same. Fans are hoping that the Kawasaki Z50th motorcycle will also remain as affordable as the Z1 was in the first place. After all, the price, or rather the performance of that price, is what really added to Kawasaki’s Z motorcycle tradition. Just like Nissan’s Z cars.

Guess we’ll all have to wait and watch when Kawasaki deigns to reveal the bike and hope that’s all we dreamed of.

Sources: RideApart, Instagram, CycleWorld

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