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Payday Chanter is a financial institution that operates in the non-banking sector. The company considers its main goal to build positive customer relationships. Consultants from Credit Payday are ready to provide their clients with information through various channels. We can use online or telephone consultation, as well as visits to the facility. The third option has been introduced for people who value the traditional way of discussing financial issues. Loans-payday loans allow you to obtain the information you need at one of the company’s 250 offices.
Introducing so many options for making contact is a great convenience for a potential borrower. It is worth remembering when considering the use of non-bank institutions.

Free PLN 1,000 in Payday Chanter

Free PLN 1,000 in Payday Chanter

Payday Chanter is a company that offers its clients the first loan for free. This is an increasingly popular method of distinguishing borrowers who use the services of an institution for the first time. As part of this promotion, it is possible to take payday loans in the range from 100 to 1000 PLN at no extra charge. This is a very big convenience for the customer. Undoubtedly, those who plan to take out a loan only once will benefit. If he takes on a commitment of up to PLN 1,000 and repays the loan on time, he does not have to be afraid of extra expenses due to commissions or other fees. This offer is one-off. The first payday loan must be paid back within 7 to 30 days.
The advantage of the Payday Loans offer is the high upper age limit. People of advanced age, often excluded by the loan industry, can count on the support of this loan company.

How to take a loan in payday loans

Payday Chanter allow three ways to submit a loan application. This can be done by phone, internet or at the lender’s facility. A client who prefers to take care of formalities in person can go to one of 250 branches located throughout Poland. In this way, you can apply for a non-bank loan in person.
When it comes to being able to do this by phone, it’s just as easy. Then we apply for a loan by providing information to the consultant by phone. If we call Customer Service, we can save our time. Many customers prefer to fill in the application themselves, online. This is a standard procedure based on the independent selection of the amount and repayment period and completing the form. An additional advantage of this option is the possibility of using it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Payday loans – requirements

Payday loans - requirements

What requirements must the customer meet? The Payday Loan offer is addressed to Polish citizens who must be in the age range of 18-80. This is a very favorable range. Not every company grants loans to people who have just reached the age of majority and retirees. Loans – Payday declare that as a source of income they also take into account pensions, as well as income from contracts other than an employment contract. This option is a great convenience for people who, e.g. do not have permanent employment but have a job and receive remuneration.
To become a Loan Payday customer, you must have your own bank account to which the money will be transferred if the application is successful. In addition, you will need your ID information. Documents are also needed to help determine our creditworthiness. It can be a certificate from the workplace, which confirms our employment and income. It should also be mentioned about the PIT-11 payroll and printing bar, which also prove our financial capabilities. All this can affect the processing of our loan application.

Save time in Loans and Payday loans

Save time in Loans and Payday loans

The advantage of applying for payday loans in this loan company is that the whole process is very fast. This can take as little as 15 minutes. The decision will be made even on the same day. Undoubtedly, this helps us quickly obtain the money we need. If the application is received positively, we will undoubtedly not have to wait long for the amount that can save us when important and unexpected expenses happen to us.

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