Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly(Michael Connelly)

Michael Connelly

Political party: Republican

Tell us about you.

When I was a child, I did stupid things like everyone else.

My choice of youthful stupidity included, jumping corn quonsets into haystacks (painful), jumping over our house on a Kawasaki 125 motorcycle (successful), waterskiing while there was still ice on water (bad idea) and ripping the flesh off my shin trying to show how high I could jump and then stitching it back up. (it stings, and you need pliers as well as a needle and thread).

I’ve cleaned pigsties and toilets, loaded iron and piled concrete, untangled in cornfields and piled hay, been a driver, store clerk, waiter, newspaper boy and worker on an assembly line. I’ve worn most hats.

In the army, I walked through machine gun nests (allies, I almost got hit by friendly fire during joint military exercises), I was thrown onto runways (some pilots thought it was fun to turn on your engine at the wrong time) and huddled half-frozen on the Korean plains during Operation Team Spirit.

I’m just an average Nebraska, from Broken Bow. My family has been in Nebraska for 7 generations. I know what Nebraska was and what we lost. I want it back.

Why are you running for this office?

I’m not racing for the title or for the money. I run to survive. I followed the massive reinforcement of the army in communist China. They are planning war and we in Nebraska are not prepared. My family has been in Nebraska for 7 generations. My family, my friends and my neighbors are here. I’m running for governor both to stop the socialist spread and to protect my home, and prepare us for what’s to come.

What would be your priority if elected?

If my initiatives are successful in the November ballot, my program for the first year will be: Reduce the National Board of Education from more than 500 to about a dozen, abolish property taxes and bring education back to the local level; Abolition of inheritance tax; Eliminate ALL forced mask and vaccine mandates; Enforcing 1st Amendment rights and ending forced use of gender pronouns, Working with Rex Schroder to clean up the potential for voter fraud, Banning transgender people from women’s sports. Read my book for the rest.

What relevant experience would you bring to the office?

An individual may be exceptionally bright, have influential contacts and other positive qualities, but if that individual does not want to join the battle for the soul of our state, then those qualities do not matter. My greatest quality is the one I bring NOW, before the election. I am a man of action. My initiatives, my unicameral testimonies, my recruitment and the promotion of high quality state candidates that I currently carry out, set me apart.

My work in construction, manufacturing, transportation, education, sales, and agriculture allows me to understand the needs of most Nebraskans.

My law enforcement training and work in the military police allow me to interact seamlessly with our vital law enforcement agencies. My military and foreign intelligence work gives me a vision that extends beyond Nebraska for advanced planning. Highly successful leadership positions in Nebraska and abroad show that I have experience leading team leaders. Look at www.michaelconnely.org to see details of my experiences.

For those who prefer looking at a resume instead of a character, I have over 300 college credit hours with a 3.82 GPA. My specializations include: political science, sociology, business, education, medical laboratory, aeronautical electronics.

I am a Marine Corp Sgt Vet with work in Helicopter Communications and Navigation, Military Intelligence, Military Police, Medical Laboratory and a few other minor areas.

Leadership experience includes Director of State Quality Assurance for the US Census (promoted 5 times in 2 years), International Educational Advisor for the Japanese Ministry of Education, Educational Director and Founder of several companies.

I am a recipient of the Bausch & Lomb Honorary Scientist Award, the #1 out of 17,000 economics student at the university, and have received several military congratulatory letters.

Do you support tax relief for Nebraskans? If so, what type and how would you make it happen?

I’m amazed that everyone talks about tax relief and avoids getting to the root of the problem. Our government is spending too much money and that is why we have a fiscal problem. Yes, there are elements of our taxes that need to be changed, but I want to implement MY version of 30 x 30 first. I want to eliminate 30% of the Nebraska government within 30 months. THIS would make tax reforms much more attractive.

Nebraska has consistently had one of the lowest unemployment rates during the pandemic. How would you continue the streak as governor?

We have labor issues. It’s not that our low unemployment rate is a bad thing, but we need more people to fill vacancies. I will push for regulations to be lowered, which will make it easier for businesses to operate and hire more workers. We also need apprenticeship programs in our schools that will provide workers in industrial and other sectors.

What plan do you have to make housing more affordable for Nebraskans?

Remember my comment about fixing government spending before fixing taxes. If spending goes down, housing will go down too. We also need to simplify the regulations. More details will be in my book “Restore the Good Live” (A Patriot’s Guide to Retaking One American State at a Time).

How would you address the concerns of business owners across the state about supply chain issues and labor shortages?

It’s a Biden problem. I will need more research to decide on the best course of action for Nebraska. If anyone has any ideas to resolve this situation caused by DC in the short term, they can write to me at Connelly2022@gmail. As for long-term issues. We need apprenticeship programs starting at JR. Secondary level with a union representative in the schools so that students do not have to walk blindly through the job market. Additionally, alternative forms of post-secondary education are available. You can find a sample on my website www.michaelconnely.org

As governor, how would you address overcrowding within the Nebraska Department of Corrections?

I have several relatives who work for corrections in all areas. For this reason, I have an inside view of the issues (but of course they maintain confidentiality). There are many people who shouldn’t be in jail in the first place, those who just accidentally strayed from administrative law. There are others for victimless crimes who would be better off on state-sponsored probation/work programs. Another point is that I want to make a contract to send all our illegal foreign prisoners to a penal institution in South America. It’ll be cheaper, and when they come out, it’ll be a hell of a long walk to the United States.

Do you believe Nebraska’s elections are free, fair and secure?

Absolutely not. I also want Nebraska citizens from every county to come to my website to see how they can help me clean up our corrupt voter rolls. This is just one method that bad actors can use. I can only speak to others if I and my team members win the May 10 primary. www.michaelconnely.org is where people need to go to help me clean up the voter rolls ahead of the primary.

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