MotoGP, Dovizioso believes Misano’s race was the best way to prepare for the test


Andrea Dovizioso’s return to race weekend ended in 21st place. It was a normal race where Dovi was able to accumulate experience behind the wheel of Team Petronas’ M1, also managing to stay in touch with the squad until a long penalty in the middle of the race, for overtaking the limits of the track on several occasions, moved him away from the runners in front. Dovizioso however found many positive aspects, also in view of the tests which will take place on Tuesday and Wednesday, still in Misano.

“More than the race, we have to talk about the weekend: we gathered a lot of information and everything went well, because we had the opportunity to ride a lot in the dry and we also rode on the wet and for me and Yamaha it was important to understand – explained Dovi – The race was good for learning and getting feedback. Before the race I didn’t have the speed to stay with the group, I was at least a half a second behind, while in the race I stayed with the others and after making a mistake and the long lap my pace improved a lot. I could be a lot faster than in practice and had my best lap with two laps to go. As the feelings with the bike changed during the race, I tried a lot of things and I have good feelings in some areas. Now I have to put everything in place, I tried to explain everything to the team today in the best possible way and now they have to help me put everything in place. In free practice I had trouble braking while in the last part of the race it went much better and we have to understand why and what we have to do. Then we will work more on the center of the turn, on the exit of the turn and on the potential of the bike ”.

In racing, have you been able to understand why all the riders who rode this bike in 2021 really struggled so hard?

“No, I think it’s normal. I don’t know what the difference is from the factory motorcycle and what exactly the difference is. Apart from that only Fabio is doing something special and I am not in a position to understand and analyze all of it. The bicycle is special and has many advantages, but it must be ridden in a special way and it takes time to adjust and figure it all out. The question mark I had before the weekend, relating to the rear tire introduced last year, I still have it because it is a bit strange both under braking and improving the bike at the end of the race. This is why it will be important to analyze and understand if the cause is me or the bike or what has changed in the racing bike. For me it’s brand new, I have a lot of feedback but I can’t know why a lot of things happened. In the race, there were many moments where I had good feelings and I felt the strengths of the bike, even if I did not know how to exploit its potential. It’s important, after going 10 months without a race, to do a race with so much consistency and being able to be fast in the final stages makes me happy, it’s the best way to prepare for the test. If the weather is nice, doing a test after the race is the best thing that can exist ”.

You said the bike is special, can you explain it more precisely? You said there are things on the bike that are different from what you are used to, can you tell us more? And will that be the team you race with next year?

“This is the team I will be racing with next year on a factory bike. Regarding the bike I would say it’s easy, you all see how Fabio rides, you have to brake very deeply and bring a lot of speed in the turns, it’s the only way to exploit the potential of the bike because it is the bike itself that asks for it. It’s a peculiarity, not all MotoGP motorcycles require this type of driving, perhaps the Suzuki but the others do not ”.

You have a lot of experience with other manufacturers, do you think this can help you adapt to the Yamaha faster? Do you think that even a lap in Misano, first in racing and then in testing, could be helpful in the process of adapting to the bike, allowing you to do it faster?

“Of course doing a test after the race is the best thing for everyone, both when there are new things to try and, as in my case right now, when there are no things to do. to try but you have to adapt to the bike because its potential is greater than what we have seen, tomorrow I can recover my energy and take a two-day tour if the weather is nice. I think that in the process of adapting to the bike, a lot has to come from the cyclist, the team certainly makes the difference because it takes a lot of help from the team to analyze and focus on the things that are needed, but when the change that needs to be made is big, like what I need to do, a lot has to come from the pilot. If I succeed, I will be able to tell you at the end of 2022, but it is certain that a large percentage must come from me ”.

Morbidelli came back from injury and changed bikes, you already explained your current situation, Valentino is not at the best time of his career and, if you also look at the other Yamaha riders including Crutchlow and the rookies, everyone , apart from Fabio, seems to be struggling. In your opinion, is there a problem with the bike that Quartararo is hiding?

“I can’t know the details, but each time the strongest runner from each brand masks a lot, always. How much depends on who and how, each year. Fabio is definitely doing something special. I have a hard time answering how the bike might not be in shape for certain things or why Fabio is the only one this year, because in 2020 Morbidelli came in front, and he managed to figure out how to pull the best use of the bike I can’t know now because I am the first one not to get the most out of it. It is too early to talk about it ”.

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