MotoGP: Honda Repsol signs with Suzuki’s Joan Mir

It’s official; The 2020 MotoGP champion has just been signed to the Honda REPSOL team – and given Suzuki’s intentions to leave MotoGP, Honda are planning to have Mir alongside Marc Marquez for the next season could not be better prepared.

Of course, the young runner must first repair the fracture suffered in his right foot following his heckling at the Redbull Ring; with the last 9 races sporting six DNFs (Did Not Finish), new blood on a new mount means new results for Mir’s transcript, allowing him to gracefully end his time with Suzuki.

And that’s definitely something to celebrate.

Honda’s REPSOL team. Media from Motorsports.

“Thank you to the HRC for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to defend these historic colors, steeped in history and world titles.” Mir celebrates in a report of Multi-channel network.

“We will take advantage of my experience accumulated over the years in MotoGP with Suzuki to contribute as much as possible to the project and fight together to become world champions again.”

“Now it’s time to keep focusing on my recovery to get back on the tracks as soon as possible and have a great end to the season with Team Suzuki Ecstar.”

Joan Mir, who currently races for Suzuki Team Easter.  Media sourced from MCN.
Joan Mir, who currently races for Suzuki Team Ecstar. Media sourced from MCN.

Honda currently sits with a podium finish for the 2022 MotoGP season, thanks to a combination of machine setup and Marquez suffering from an injury that led to complications later in the season.

With all team positions officially filled for 2023, we anticipate a tight set of twists and turns from everyone involved.

Honda's REPSOL team takes the bend of a MotoGP circuit.  Media sourced from MCN.
Honda’s REPSOL team takes the bend of a MotoGP circuit. Media sourced from MCN.

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*Media from VisorDown, Multi-channel network and Motor sports*

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