MotoGP Joan Mir admits 2021 hasn’t been a brilliant year, but he’s learned to fight hard and never give up

It’s the end of the year, so it’s time to take stock of the past and make good intentions for the future. This applies to everyone, including Joan Mir, the 2020 MotoGP world champion who this year saw Fabio Quartararo knock him out of first place without ever being able to fight with him. It is not all the Spaniard’s fault, as his Suzuki failed to maintain the same standard as the best in the competition and the challenge of defending his crown proved impossible.

Even in tough times, however, anyone can grow taller and that’s exactly what Mir did, as he wrote in his blog.

“The time has finally come to cut yourself off from the racing world and try to relax! This is something that I find difficult to do because I am the type of person who is always active and who wants to do things. But this year I learned the importance of balancing the stress of running with the need to stay calm and take time. The truth is, these moments of relaxation will be part of my preparation for 2022 and it’s just as important as training in the gym. I’ll take a few weeks just to enjoy things. I’m lucky to have it, and then I’m going to shift my attention to jumping on a bike. Until I can get my GSX-RR back, I will train with Supermoto and MX bikes, and even drive a go-kart – these things help me a lot with my technique and skills, I learn something every time. times, and they also help maintain my fitness at an optimal level.

“In general I feel like I picked up a lot of useful stuff this year, for example one key thing was just to fight. In this 2021 season I fought really hard to try to take a good result at the end of the year and in the process that I learned; always fight hard and never give up. Even in difficult years I try to achieve good results and make the most of every situation. And although this year has not been brilliant for us, I really enjoyed the comebacks, the good fights and the overtaking. And I’m happy to have finished 3rd in the riders’ championship against tough competitors.

“All of this talk about track fighting makes me excited to be riding the GSX-RR 2022 again. The Jerez test went well for us, and we’ll be back on the bike in Sepang soon. My first impressions of the improvements were good, and it makes me want to start the fight again. But besides enjoying my time on the bike, it will be important to see what the team brings and find out what works. and what we might still be missing. Until we finish testing it is difficult to make an accurate assessment of the bike, it is important to improve our speed without losing the great cornering ability of the GSX-RR. Another interesting and important area is the improvement of grip. And the ride height feature, while already good, needs some tweaking. Ultimately, there isn’t a thing to change or “fix” on our bike; in MotoGP you have to constantly develop all areas and move forward. I am confident we can do it. There are other things to look forward to next year as well, such as the return of more fans to the slopes. For me, 2020 has been a perfect year for me… anything but not to have fans around. So now seeing people coming back is what makes this whole racing world meaningful. It was so strange to race on the circuits with empty grandstands and the silence apart from the noise of our bikes.

“My New Years Resolutions list would have several things, but the main one is that I want to fight for the title again. That will always be my goal and my ultimate goal, and it is something that will not change until until I stop racing… and of course, I would like to get a title, victories and podiums, and share all these moments with passionate and united fans.

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