Motorcycle Consortium for Interchangeable Batteries Expands

Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium Expands to 21 Members

Last year we reported that Yamaha, Honda, Pierer Group and Piaggio were entering into a battery consortium, for a universal interchangeable battery system, with the aim of creating an industry standard (link).

The member list has now expanded to include: AVL, Ciklo, Fivebikes, Forsee Power, Hioki, Honda, Hyba, JAMA, Kawasaki, KTM, KYMCO, Niu, Piaggio, Polaris, Roki, Samsung, Sinbon, Sumitomo Electric, Suzuki, Swobbee, Vitesco, VeNetWork (Atex, Fantic, Motori Minarelli), Yamaha.

Working groups convened on a wide variety of topics

The SBMC met in July with an agreed set of technical specifications and prototyping and standardization work has started. The SBMC has also become an official liaison member of voluntary European standards: CEN, CENELEC and ETSI.

The objectives of the consortium are:

  • Develop common technical specifications of interchangeable battery systems
  • Confirm current use of battery systems
  • Make and promote the Consortium’s common specifications as a standard within European and international standardization bodies
  • Expand the use of the Consortium Common Specification globally

Details are scarce at this stage, but the SBMC says: “The SBMC is on track to achieve its objectives as planned, and can now count on the best expertise available in the world to achieve this.

SBMC Summit in Mattighofen, Austria
SBMC Summit in Mattighofen, Austria

Honda also recently delivered its Honda Power Pack interchange in Japan, which is a battery charging and swapping wall, which provides consumers with easy access to fully charged batteries, companies can operate the battery swapper through cloud services, for payment and monitoring. It is unclear how existing technology like the Honda interchange can be integrated into the SBMC.

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