New 20-year interest-only home loan eases cash flow crisis for property investors

In a first for property investors in New Zealand, eligible borrowers now have the option to lock in up to 20 years of interest-only payment terms for their residential property investments.

Mortgage specialist Resimac has launched its new Cashflow 20 Investor Loan to help professional investors maximize the return on their investments, with mortgages taken out this year benefiting from interest-only repayments until 2042.

The interest-only repayment period is available for a maximum loan-to-value (LVR) ratio of 50%. Principal and interest repayments apply to additional loans.

Resimac New Zealand chief executive Luke Jackson said savvy property investors take a long view when assessing real estate opportunities, but there is a significant gap in the market for lending products that s adapt to this future direction.

“Our new Cashflow 20 Investor Loan has been specifically designed to help investors seize opportunities now and build an investment portfolio in a cash flow efficient manner.

“In a climate of uncertainty that has seen banks significantly reduce their interest-only mortgage options, Resimac is delighted to offer investors a unique product that gives them the predictability of up to 20 years of interest-only payment terms. “

Mr. Jackson said the Cashflow 20 investor loan was another example of Resimac’s innovative approach to home lending.

At the start of the year, Resimac had its “accelerated” method for assessing credit applicants validated by the latest amendments to the law on credit agreements and consumer credit (CCCFA).

“Resimac is solely focused on residential real estate, so we are more nimble in designing solutions in response to customer demand,” Jackson said.

“As home lending specialists, we think outside the box to create products that fit customers, rather than forcing customers to fit products.”

A marketing campaign covering major metropolitan newspapers, digital, social media and radio is underway to support the Cashflow 20 investor loan.

Property investors interested in the Cashflow 20 Investor Loan can find out more at

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