NSW police catch motorcyclist at more than double the speed limit



Highway patrol officers caught a motorcyclist who exploded along the highway at terrifying speeds over the weekend.

A man has been caught by police over double the speed limit on one of the first weekends since the lockdown ended.

NSW police said the rider was caught at 224 km / h on the M1 motorway near Helensburgh, south of Sydney, on Sunday morning. The speed limit on this section of road is 110 km / h.

The routes through and around the Royal National Park south of Sydney are popular with bikers.

The 33-year-old red Ducati Panigale rider was fined $ 2,547 and his license suspended for six months at the scene, according to the NSW Highway Patrol Facebook.

Surprisingly, the police were unable to impound the motorcycle.

Police cannot impound a vehicle if it is registered in the name of a company or someone other than the driver or driver caught in the act.

The Ducati Panigale is one of the fastest and most powerful road bikes in the world.

The Moto GP-derived engine produces 158 kW and 124 Nm and howls up to 13,000 rpm, which is incredible power for a bike weighing less than 200 kg.

To put it in perspective, a high-powered Lamborghini Aventador supercar has over 500 kW of power but weighs around 1,700 kg.

The high power-to-weight ratio allows the Ducati to accelerate to 100 km / h in just over three seconds to reach a top speed of almost 300 km / h.

There has been a spate of hoon drivers caught in the past few weeks since the lockdown in Sydney ended.

Late last week, police caught a driver of a BMW M3 for around $ 160,000 doing 200 km / h in a 80 km / h zone on a busy road in southwest Sydney.

This vehicle was not impounded because it was registered in the name of a company and not of the driver.

Police arrested several drivers last week for speeding on the M5, including the driver of a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10 motorcycle who first attempted to flee from officers before stopping.


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