Old lady rides sports bike, internet users react

Old Lady Rides A Sports Bike: If you scrolled through your Instagram feed everyday, you would have come across the video of an old lady riding a sports bike. It has gone viral on the Internet. The old lady can be seen driving a Yamaha R15 in the video.

An Instagram user _shubham_5x posted the video. It has garnered over 78.4 million views and over 5.5 million likes. Lots of people commented on the video. While some users praise the old lady for her daring, others think someone is helping her ride a bike.

An Instagram user mr.krishna.verma commented: Cha gaye aama ji cha gayeð ?????? ð ??????

It is heartwarming to see older women breaking gender stereotypes and doing what their hearts desire. Krishnakumari Tiwari, 78, is another one of those women who recently made the news for her viral dance videos. She

had always been passionate about dancing, but her parents and society didn’t want her to dance. She had to give it up. This Nepalese lady has now become a star of Tiktok. She enjoys following the masses because of her entertaining dance videos.

She told BBC News Hindi: “I suppressed my desires because I didn’t want to face the wrath of society. However, I don’t know what is happening to me now. I want to dance all the time and no one stops me. My children are also happy with what I am doing.

Last year, a video of two elderly women dancing to the tunes of Asha Bhosle’s 1971 hit song Piya Tu Ab Toh Aaja from the movie Caravan went viral on social media. The women dressed in sari were seen dancing in the middle of a street. A 15-second video clip of the incident was shared by a Twitter user, who captioned the post saying, “This is so cute.” Read more.

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